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Hitting the ground running with Village Gym - Case Study

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
5th March 2018
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ContentCal Boost 6Village Gym is a renowned chain of luxury gym’s associated with the Village Hotel brand. They came to ContentCal looking to take their marketing to the next level; seeking a paid media strategy for quarters 1 and 2 with the intent to increase acquisitions for new members and encourage the retention of current members. village gyms When we first began working with Village Gym, we hosted a rigorous and collaborative workshop to learn all about their business, company objectives, and target audience. Following this, team ContentCal combined brand creative with strategic copy and Experian data to craft an effective paid media marketing strategy targeting 12 miles around each of the 28 club locations.

As for the second quarter, we introduced a strategy to create new custom lookalike audiences based on Village Gym Members and the Experian data. village gyms 2 In terms of results, ContentCal succeeded in driving high quality traffic, reaching 1,527,801 users across the country and driving 93,689 click to the website. Village Gym also experienced an enormous increase in their social channel’s organic awareness as page likes rose by 3,567 likes over a 6 month period. village gyms 7 In regards to conversions, ContentCal achieved a 3.10% conversion rate across all the traffic driven to the website from our acquisition based campaigns and a 8.98% including member campaigns. Village Gym experienced an amazing 98% increase in free trials, 31% increase in tour bookings, and 50% increase in gym enquiries year on year. village gyms 11

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