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How you can save time on long-form content with ContentCal Articles

Sophie Thompson
17th November 2020
Save time using contentcal articles

As powerful as long-form content can be, the planning and creation process can quickly become a drag. With so many tools on the market specializing in so many different things, it’s common practice to switch between multiple tools before making it to the end result.

And while we like to think we’ve nailed your social media solutions, we know this approach to creating longer pieces such as newsletters, blogs and emails can be time-consuming, dated, difficult, and most importantly, takes the fun out of being creative.

That’s why when creating ContentCal’s brand new feature Articles, we surveyed digital marketers everywhere to find out their biggest long-form content bugbears and put an end to them once and for all.

How to save time on blogs with contentcal articles

73% of surveyed marketers say they use more than one tool to create long-form content

But why should you? We’ve designed Articles so that everything is in one place. Custom planning channels allow you to individually categorize the type of content you’re creating (e.g. a newsletter), and jot down ideas and drafts until you’re ready to begin the creation process.

If you want to get your team involved, it’s also a great chance to try out our Contributions feature - a form creator that prompts your team to submit their ideas on projects.

Using our Rich Text Editor, you’ll find that when you do begin writing, you have all of the capabilities of your usual word processor. You’ll be able to change fonts, sizes, and add images as well as links.

ContentCal articles

And don’t worry, there are no nasty surprises. We’ve kept the same approval process as within your social media calendar, so you can decide what gets published and when.

If that wasn’t enough, when you’re ready to go, you’ll also be able to schedule or publish your post from your regular content calendar, as we’ve integrated the two.

In fact, you won’t have to switch to any other program to bring your content to life.

91% of those surveyed say it can be difficult or time-consuming to create your long-form content using your current process

That’s a lot of people. Which is why we’ve put time-saving at the forefront of creating Articles.

You’re only one click away from getting content approved, integrating posts with your social media calendar, and getting back those precious hours. You can then schedule across one or multiple channels (or accounts if you have multiple clients).

Grammarly will help you out with any pesky errors in your captions, saving you time and any awkward embarrassment.

And now we suppose we should say Congratulations! Because you’re officially on your way to creating some seriously amazing content with Articles.

Articles was created by digital marketers, for digital marketers.

To access it, you’ll need to be on a ContentCal Company Plan or above. If you are already, log in now and you should already be good to go.

Need more help with Articles? You can read our full help guide here, which will show you around, and answer any burning questions you may have.

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