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Seeing What’s On with Country & Town House

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
14th August 2019
C&TH 1

Country & Town House is a British monthly luxury lifestyle magazine for those who enjoy the very best of both country and city living. What’s On? By Country & Town House is their website that acts as a guide to events, culture, and travel in London and the countryside.

Country & Town House first started working with ContentCal in the Spring of 2019 with the intention to refine their social media strategy, become more involved in Paid Social, and more generally increase their brand awareness and social media following. C&TH instagram

Working with ContentCal has helped the Country & Town House team to engage with their audience in ways that were previously unknown to them through a clear and refreshed social media strategy. ContentCal has helped to focus the team and set clear social media objectives for the business.

When it comes to results, Country & Town House were delighted to see a 223% increase in their Facebook following over the 5 months that they had been working with ContentCal. Furthermore, as the reach of their posts increased, so too did new opportunities to work with other brands who wish to advertise via the Country & Town House brand. Country and Town House 3

“Social competitions have been a new area for us as per recommendations from ContentCal, they have given us the most engagement we've ever had across social!” - Adam Dean, Digital Manager at Country & Town House

County & Town House were immensely pleased with the experience of working with ContentCal both in regards to the Boost team, and in using the ContentCal Product.

“The process of onboarding and integrating ContentCal into the business was a simple one due to the effectiveness in communication with Kate and Andy. Their social expertise has been of great value to us as a business and we can't thank them enough!” - Adam Dean, Digital Manager at Country & Town House

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