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How ContentCal Snippets boosts creativity and speeds up your content creation

Sophie Thompson
8th December 2020

As a marketer, spending a lot of time scheduling posts and writing captions can quickly be responsible for draining the creativity you had at the start of the day.

Particularly as competition for visibility across social channels is higher than ever, getting your work seen is just as important as the content you create.

Of course, doing things such as optimizing what time you post on social, or adding hashtags certainly helps - but the difficulty can be creating cohesion, particularly if you use similar or the same content snippets across multiple accounts.

For example, if you’re using around five hashtags on a post, you can easily forget what hashtags they are and lose out on some key post optimization if you decide to wing it. You can also easily lose time looking for what it actually was. This only creates a longer process by having to schedule them individually across channels.

So, how can you make it easier for yourself?

There are plenty of tools on the market that can simplify the process. If you’re already stuck at the starting line with no clue what hashtags to even add to your content, it may be worth looking at a tool such as All-Hashtag to find the top-performing hashtag groups around a certain keyword.

Best hashtags to use

If you’re posting about coffee, all you need to do is type in the word, and you’ll be given the top 30 hashtags to use.

Of course, the only problem with this is that it can quickly become saturated with people taking the same approach, meaning your content could get lost among the crowd, or worse - competitors.

A more manual approach is to log onto a social media channel such as Instagram and type in #Coffee in the search bar. You’ll then not only be able to see how many posts have been made under that hashtag but all of the related hashtag groups you could use instead.

You may even want to consider one that has a slightly lower number of posts under its umbrella, as it’s likely to be more specific, and there’s less competition without reducing your visibility too much.

We know how frustrating it can be to get the balance right, which is why we’ve added Snippets to your ContentCal plan to make the job easier.

If you’re someone who regularly uses the same hashtags or phrasing on your posts, you can save it as a ‘Snippet’. That means, whenever you’re writing a caption and want to add that specific phrasing or hashtag group in there, you’re only one click away from it being auto-filled for you.

Here's how to set it up for yourself in ContentCal...

To create a Snippet:

Head into Setup, scroll down to the Snippets area, and select 'Create Snippet'.

From here, you can title your Snippet, and then add the copy that you'll be using in your posts.

How to create a snippet

To add a Snippet to your post:

Select the Snippet icon within your post. A list of your Snippets will appear for you to select from.

Hashtags to use in Snippets

Snippets is a particularly useful tool if you use your social media channels for the purpose of selling or pushing demos of a product.

Usually, it means that you’ll be using similar, or the same phrases across multiple posts in your calendar. For example, “Follow this link to sign up for a free trial” may be a commonly used phrase for someone posting about ContentCal. By saving that phrase as a snippet, it cuts down the need to think of new ideas, and saves a lot of time re-typing the same sentences out.

ContentCal snippets

You can also name each snippet to give you a clear overview as to what it’s referencing. The “snippet” prompt is the actual phrase that will appear when you add it to your post.

Using Snippets will cut down some serious time, and can help you on your journey towards creating an entire week's worth of content in just 30 minutes.

Other great tools to use alongside snippets in a bid to speed up your content creation process include:

  • Contributions: Create custom forms to get ideas for content from members of your team.
  • Web Clipper: Save inspiration in an instant as you’re browsing the web.
  • Content Hub Library: A great place to create content templates so you have a base to work with when bringing your new ideas to life.

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