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So Long, 2017 - You've Been Great

27th December 2017
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In all honesty, 2017’s been a pretty great year for us... And if we’re being really honest, ‘pretty great’ is probably an understatement.

Not only did the ContentCal team more than double over the last year, but we also experienced huge growth in the client base of ContentCal Boost, and the amount of users for the ContentCal Product.

As a result, we ended up opening a brand new technical and web department based in Poland and a Sales hub in Maidenhead, while our London team experienced a total of three (that’s right) office moves to accommodate our ever-expanding team. Speaking of which, we’re actually looking to hire again (can you believe it) so if you’re a social media savvy individual, feel free to give us a call.

Just look at all the grinning you could be missing out on - Team ContentCal 2017

A really special highlight from 2017, in particular, was also our new round of funding, bringing our total investment to over 1 million pounds; an announcement that we’re literally still celebrating a month later. Read all about it here.

As for the ContentCal platform...

We’ve recently introduced a new system for taking note of feature requests and are working more efficiently than ever to make ContentCal the perfect social media scheduler; so keep the feedback coming!

Over 2017, and especially in recent months, our product has made some amazing improvements with the introduction of monthly view (highly requested by our user base), custom planning channels, category tags, custom branding capabilities for our VIP accounts, and more! And of course, let’s not forget the launch of our IOS app for Instagram publishing.

We’re also very excited to announce that ContentCal Analytics is coming very soon (what a way to end 2017 right?). Our social media scheduling calendar just keeps on getting better. ContentCal 2017

On the flip side, ContentCal Studio continues to bloom with even more clients to be coming onboard in 2018 keeping our creative and enthusiastic team busy with more fun and exciting projects.

But enough about the past! Let’s talk 2018

Next year, we’ll be taking things to the next level with huge improvements coming to the ContentCal platform in the form of new features, an upgraded UI, new products under the ContentCal brand, and integrations with other storage and collaboration platforms.

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