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5 social apps you may not have heard of

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
28th August 2018
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Social Media platforms and their apps have revolutionised the way we build and maintain relationships.

Facebook and Instagram allow us to see instant updates from people we may have otherwise fallen out of touch with, Tinder, Happn and Bumble have redefined the conventions of modern dating, and Twitter is the go to hub for finger-on-the-pulse news activity worldwide. However, there are many fantastic apps you may not have yet heard of.

Here’s our rundown of the most interesting social apps, available to download now.


ICBRKR is a social app that works by curating local events in major cities and offering users the opportunity to search for other members based on shared interests. By searching the various categories, which include ‘Art Aficionados,’ ‘Fellow Foodies,’ ‘Fitness Buddies,’ ‘Music Lovers’ and ‘Urban Explorers,’ connections that closely match personal tastes and lifestyle can be made. The creators of ICBRKR carefully review each event and opportunity to ensure positive experiences that will result in long-lasting, genuine relationships. Currently the app is invite-only, but if you think you’re a good fit for their community of entrepreneurial, active, and artsy members, then you can sign up for an account.


The- Dots is a networking platform aimed predominantly at entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers. Launched in the UK in 2014, and born out of a genuine passion to make the creative industries more open and meritocratic, this app has helped thousands connect with clients, employers, and collaborators. Members can search for projects, people, companies, and jobs with ease; encouraging collaborations, and helping to build a stronger, more diverse, and profitable creative sector. social apps 2


Twitter-owner Periscope is a live web, video-broadcasting app that encourages users to ‘explore the world through the eyes of somebody else.’ Anyone who starts a new broadcast can send instant notifications to others so they can tune in and start interacting. Broadcasters also have the option to allow replays for those who missed out on the initial stream. Private broadcasts for specific users can even take place. Anyone who just wants to watch something can open up the app and peruse all sorts of broadcasts that are being hosted live. Videos are also categorised by hashtags for easy searching. is the social app for music lovers and budding videographers. Sharing many similarities with Instagram, users can record short videos, edit them, post them to their profiles, follow other users, and see what's currently trending. The idea is to select a song either from the built-in music tab or from your own iTunes library. You can then record yourself dancing and lip-syncing to it. The more inventive you are with your performance and editing skills, the more likely it is that you'll see it trend on the platform.


Formerly ‘Stumble Upon,’ Mix is a social network site that helps users discover unique and interesting things from across the web. The platform intelligently learns what you enjoy browsing and searching for, to show you a carefully curated selection of more of the same. Entrepreneurs and small business owners might find Mix particularly useful as a research tool to learn more about their industry, or as another way of sharing their content with a specific target audience.

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