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Social media analytics: why monitoring results is crucial for social media success

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
5th August 2020
how to use social media analytics tools

Today we’re talking social media analytics; why measuring results is so important, and how you can get started.

While it’s fair to say that many businesses are recognising the importance of a social media presence for growth and communication with their target market, many brands are still overlooking the importance of tracking their content performance. With that in mind, here’s our rundown of the benefits of social media analytics.

The benefits of social media analytics

Tracking progress

A frustrating downside to traditional marketing has always been the inability to figure out the percentage of ROI (return on investment). Counting the number of impressions or assigning a value to media coverage can be difficult to calculate and will not always be entirely accurate. By keeping an eye on social media analytics, businesses will be able to see the bigger picture in terms of follower growth and engagement levels, and learn how to make better content for the future (and create more leads as a result) when planning social. social media analytics 10

Figuring out what works

When you’re just getting started out on social media, you spend a lot of time and energy making sure your content is varied, consistent, and interesting. But how can you know if you’re hitting the spot? This is where social analytics come in.

Checking in on engagement levels can help you work out which type of content is getting your brand the most attention. Overtime, you can begin to tweak your content marketing strategy to get the maximum engagement levels from your audience and raise brand awareness as a result.

You should also take note of your click through rates on top performing social posts, making a note of the number of leads on your crm (as long as your have set up the tracking for this). Use this information to assess on a much broader scale which content is benefiting your business as a whole across social media platforms. social media analytics 11

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Saving time

Perhaps one of the most overlooked advantages of analytics is the amount of precious time you will save. When you are diligent about tracking your results and using the most efficient analytics tools, you’ll have more time to spend thinking of other innovative ways to grow your business. It’s a win-win situation.

Where to Find Analytics on Social Media Platforms

With the increased use of analytics, social media platforms now have their own handy ways to measure progress.

  • Facebook has their inbuilt tool ‘Facebook Insights,’ which can be found easily on your brands administrator page. When clicking through, you’ll be directed to your dashboard which is split into sections showing ‘Page Likes,’ ‘Post Reach’ and ‘Engagement.’
  • Twitter has a tool called the ‘Tweet Activity Dashboard,’ which can be accessed when logging into with your Twitter username, and activating the analytics feature.
  • You can view insights on each individual photograph, video, or story on Instagram if you have a business profile. Simply tap the menu at the top right hand corner of your profile to get an overall view of how people are interacting with you.

However, if you’re looking to keep your analytical information in one centralised location then ContentCal Analytics is the answer. Providing top level analytical information for each of your social networks, you can keep on top of your content performance with a few quick clicks. For more information on ContentCal Analytics, click here.

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