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Social Media Buzzwords

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
28th November 2017
social media buzzwords

Social media for business; how hard can it be?


Believe it or not, social media for personal use and social media for business are actually whole worlds apart. If your business is just now branching into the strange and foreign land of social media you might find yourself metaphorically stumbling around like a newborn deer, your colleagues now talking a strange jargon-heavy language that might as well be Spanish.

Fortunately for you, ContentCal has all the answers (not all heroes wear capes). Take a gander of our social media tools cheat sheet and commit a few of these to memory. But please resist the urge to print this off and carry it around in your pocket.

(Because nobody wants to be that guy)

Dark Social

Mysterious as it sounds, it’s not a Harry Potter reference. Dark Social is the definition of any social activity that cannot be tracked or measured.


This abbreviation stands for ‘Call To Action’. The purpose of the CTA is to encourage your audience to complete an action such as click, share, tweet, etc. Scroll to the end of this blog if you’re looking for a good example. A content marketing calendar can help with this so you can categories you CTA content against general fun content you push out.

User-Generated Content

UGC is anything published online by the public. Many brands like to make use of UGC in their own content strategies and some will even encourage their followers to create their UGC around certain events or for competitions. Check out our blog on User Generated Content and why it’s pretty neat.


CTR stands for ‘Click-Through-Rate’. This statistic will indicate the percentage of clicks a social media ad has received - which is very valuable information when it comes to analysing its performance.


When we talk about engagement, we’re essentially looking at how much interest your social content has received in regards to likes, shares, comments, etc. Do you hear your colleagues chatting about high engagement? That’s your cue to celebrate.


Evergreen content will be relevant and sharable forever (or at least for a good few years). This makes this kind of content key for your social media marketing plan Want an example? See our evergreen blog on evergreen content (oh the irony).

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is about looking at the reactions to your social media content and being able to categorize and summarise the various responses according to whether they’re positive or negative. It's important to find a social media publishing tool that can help with this and your reporting.

Still wondering what ‘reach’ or ‘impressions’ are? Send us a tweet at @ContentCal_io and we’ll get you up to speed.

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