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ContentCal - Your Favourite Social Media Content Calendar with NEW Monthly View

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
31st October 2017
social media calendar monthly view

ContentCal just got Monthly View!

In the words of Barney the Dinosaur (a wise public figure) “I love you, you love me”. And we do love our customer base. And how do we show our love? We give the people what they want; MONTHLY VIEW.

Ba bada baaaa

Aptly named, social media content calendar monthly view gives our users a monthly overview of all existing content as a secondary option to our weekly view. As one of our most highly requested features, we bet a number of you must be pretty thrilled to see your feedback directly reflected within our product. A social media calendar can get you kick started with content planning.

Brownie points for us?

Access monthly view using the dropdown menu on the top right of the screen. With campaigns running as ribbons across the top of the content calendar, monthly view makes it super easy to see how your content is shaping up over the course of the month. The right social media tools for business can make a huge difference.

While the monthly view layout is a little different than our weekly view for the sake of keeping things clean and crisp, and not too overwhelming, you can still create, edit, and take a closer look at your existing content and any attached assets. You can also scroll through the individual days for a lovely summary of all content, across every channel. social media calendar 3457

What more could you want?

No seriously...what other improvements do you want to see in ContentCal? Let us know your thoughts over on Twitter at @ContentCal_io

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