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The social media fails that are holding you back: what to do and what not to do

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
18th December 2020

There isn’t a business out there that wants to be synonymous with social media fails. Whether it’s neglecting your accounts, not engaging with your followers, or sending out bland content - it can be easily done if you’re not paying attention.

In order to grow your audience, gain loyal brand subscribers, and make a great impression online, you’ll need to employ a series of social media tactics to get the job done.

Here, we’re discussing some of the most common social media mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Denying the impact of social media marketing

First and foremost, dismissing the impact of social media marketing activity on your business is a huge no-no. If you aren’t familiar with how brilliant marketing can impact your brand’s identity, it’s worth taking time to research this thoroughly. A brand can completely change its narrative by engaging with its followers and showing attention to detail while providing great [customer service](/platform-features/products/engage/ "customer service responses).

If you aren’t in control of your social media offering, it likely feels like an overwhelming task right now. The good news is, it’s never too late. With a great social media strategy, awesome assets, and some clever tools to see you through, you can stop making simple social media mistakes and take your social game to the very next level.

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Having unfinished social profiles

One of the most common social media fails is starting up a social media account and then thinking that the work is done. An account with no links, no contact details, no brand imagery, and no logo isn’t going to charm your potential customers. In fact, it may leave them disappointed and unlikely to invest in your brand.

Each of your social profiles should be optimized to not only appear in search results but to generate interest in your page if people do happen to land on it. More consumers than ever before are reaching out to brands on social media for advice, to give feedback, and to find out more information, so making a great first impression really counts towards brand loyalty.

These days, most social platforms will walk you through the process to ensure your account is fully set up, so it couldn’t be easier to tick all of the boxes. Then, a key social media tactic is to make sure to regularly assess your accounts, keep them updated, and looking fresh.

Going down a social one-way street

Each one of your social media interactions is an opportunity to create positive sentiments that leave that person feeling happier than when they came to your page. If you think that posting to your profile a few times a week and then forgetting about it is enough, think again.

The most successful brands on social media respond to every comment, are proactive with disgruntled customers, and show personality through interactions. That being said, it’s a big job. You can save time with your day-to-day social media management by investing in tailor-made software to simplify the job.

ContentCal’s Respond feature is a one-stop-shop to tackle all of your engagements. You can reply to comments and messages, like and retweet, plus identify opportunities to turn a complaint into a successful interaction. What’s more, you can split the work out between your colleagues by assigning messages to each person, making the process efficient, and giving your customers the very best.

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Not having a social media plan

An effective social media strategy doesn’t happen overnight, so you’ll need to invest time into making it work for your company. It’s a big world out there with lots of brands vying for attention, so what you say and do has to cut through the noise.

First, identify your goals. Figure out what you hope to achieve, how you’ll measure success, and how you’ll scale that success.

Spend some time thinking about how your brand will come across on social media: your tone of voice, how your assets will look, the types of content you’ll post.

Next, be consistent. Posting once a week at varied times won’t get you anywhere. To appear in people’s timelines frequently, you have to be there consistently. Create content episodes, and make sure to be relevant, interesting, and original.

Lastly, be genuine and authentic. Social media success is all about giving your audience valuable information they can’t get from anywhere else, in a way that’s unique to you. Consumers are savvy, so don’t underestimate them.

In order to create an effective social media strategy, you’ll need a place to make the magic happen. ContentCal offers teams a place to collaborate, create, and strategize. Store your images, videos, copy ideas, and links in the Content Hub, gather ideas from around the business, and schedule it all in your social media Calendar. You can plan out one week, three months, or even 12 months of content if you want to, so you’ll never be without inspiration.

Lack of collaboration

No man is an island, and that same logic applies to your social media marketing. It takes a team to craft a fantastic social media offering that works, so don’t go it alone. Encourage your marketing team to share ideas, suggest content, and even create content. You may be surprised at the hidden talent you’ll find.

ContentCal’s Contributions feature allows you to send custom forms to your clients and team members to fill up your social media calendar, tapping into a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

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Lack of customer research

If you don’t know who you’re talking to, how can you communicate with them effectively? And moreover, how can you attract new followers if you aren’t speaking their language?

Investing time into your current social following, delving into your analytics, and finding ways to engage potential new followers, such as via paid social, will help you to nail down your tone of voice and get to know your customer base.

Not reflecting upon results

If you never get to grips with analytics, you won’t know if you’re meeting your goals or if your content needs work - which is one of the most common social media fails. As well as native platform insights, some analytics tools will allow you to see your best-performing content, re-use it with just one click, and generate reports to send to your managers.

ContentCal’s Analytics lets you identify your strengths and weaknesses, along with suggesting the best times to post to maximize success. Great content goes hand in hand with detailed analytics - let the data be your guide.


By using some of the best social media marketing tactics to tweak your strategy, your brand can reach the dizzy heights of social media success.

Forget any of your past social media mistakes - it’s a new day and there’s a whole world of wins just waiting for you.

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