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Why you need a social media management platform

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
21st March 2018
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You might be perfectly happy with your google docs and spreadsheets, but if you haven’t tried using a social media management platform, then you just don’t know what you’re missing.

Social media management tool kits can do a world of good for you, your clients, or your business, by making your social media more organised, automated, and easier to tackle.

A social media management platform can...

Save time

It’s amazing just how automated social media manegement platforms can make your marketing workload. On a basic level, most tools will be able to auto-publish content to social media channels which is huge life-saver for those manually posting to multiple social media accounts. This could save hours of time across the average week while simultaneously reducing the room for error.

Alternatively, tools with community management abilities and social media monitoring will be able to automate more admin-tasks when it comes to social media management, with actions such as following, unfollowing, and more. They can also gather information to make things speedier once you do return to your laptop, ensuring that you never miss a great opportunity to engage with anything relevant from your target market and always have an automated eye on possible leads. On the flip side, anyone who mentions your company / brand can also be tracked ensuring that you maintain a close relationship with your current customers, enhancing customer loyalty and encouraging further mentions. social media management platform 2

Reduce stress

Let’s be honest, if you’re managing multiple, or even just one social media account, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. As a huge responsibility, social media management and social media publishing requires a great deal of effort, creativity, and time, all while trying to maintain a high standard of work.

Take ContentCal, for example with it’s visual calendar view that allows users to map out their content themes across the coming months and begin drafting content at their own speed. Not only does having an easy visual platform make content creation easier and more manageable, but it also prevents your content creators from crumbling under pressure.

Eliminate mistakes

When you’re manually managing everything by yourself, or as part of a small team, it’s easy to let human error creep into your work.

With a social media management platform, not only can misunderstandings be reduced, but never again will your content contain an awkward typo or incorrect handle. ContentCal’s approval workflows, for example, ensure that all content must be vetted and personally approved by the relevant people, before it can be live and published to social channels - a collaborative social media calendar like ContentCal is key here for collaboration.

Help you juggle accounts

It’s hard to keep up when you’re dividing your time between various social presences. A social media manegement platform can take some of the work right out of your hands by collecting information and keeping track while you’re offline. Once you return to your social media channels, you’ll be able to get straight to work engaging with the best conversations, and catching up on anything you’ve missed while your attention was elsewhere.

Most community management tools, and social media monitoring tools will even be able to start some conversations / follow some interesting accounts while you’re ‘AFK’. But do keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to get too automated as mistakes can happen and may be damaging to your brand. social media management platform 3

Streamline collaboration

If you’re an agency working with various clients, you may be all too familiar with the stress that comes with a long email thread. Thanks to various tools, you could make the process of communicating with clients much more simplified and clear, while the approval process itself can become so much quicker and easier. Internal communications with team members can also be simplified through a social media management platform. For example, ContentCal allows users to leave comments on individual posts.

Analyse performance

Everyone knows that you’ve got to keep checking in on your content performance if you‘re hoping to improve. While analytics are available within most social media platforms, most social media tools with analytical abilities can collect the relevant information in one centralised location, allowing you to get the information you need with minimal effort.

As a result, you’ll be able to review which content is performing well (and not so well) giving you a better understanding of your audience’s interests. You can then alter your content strategy accordingly for increased engagement and follower growth. social media management platform 4

Create higher quality content

It goes without saying (but we’re gonna say it anyway) that an extra helping hand from a social media management platform can make content creation a whole lot easier.

By freeing up some ‘brain space’ you’ll be able to get more creative, try new things, and essentially make better content. Social media tools are amazing for handling anything admin-related in a quick and efficient way so that you can spend more time on the fun parts of social media management. Tools like ContentCal are even able to help you out when it comes to breaking down the process of social content creation, and ensuring you have an effective social media marketing campaign scheduler to keep you organised

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