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Dear Santa, all social media marketers want for Christmas is...

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
11th December 2018
all social media marketers want for Christmas

...Increased brand awareness, social media success, and socks.

2018 was a bit up and down for those in the social media marketing industry. We cried over Facebook algorithm changes, we cheered over the rise of LinkedIn, and we continued to explore video and visual content (which is still the gift that keeps on giving). Making our social media plan and marketing plans very difficult when thinking about the next year.

And here we are, with 2019 on the horizon and a stocking full of hope. But have we been naughty or nice this year? Will Mr Claus be bringing us what we want?

Dear Santa,

Please let influencer marketing die

Influencer marketing is everywhere. And while it has been successful for some brands in the past, the cracks are starting to show. Some influencers are becoming less trusted by their following as they continue to promote more and more products and leave their morals at the door, and Instagram feeds are plastered with paid promotion and sponsored content from various social media automation, has content quality slipped? What happened to the days where product recommendations were genuine and free? We miss them.

Let us have that Twitter edit button

The masses have been campaigning for a Twitter edit button for years but Twitter just isn’t budging. We understand that Twitter wants to keep content un-altered and show the ‘real truth’ but when you’ve accidentally tweeted ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ you just can’t help but curse. See what you can do Santa, please.

Put a stop to ‘dark social’

There’s nothing like a bit of dark social to rain on a marketer's parade. If we can’t see which content is bringing in leads then it’s hard to know how to continue in the future. A way to better identify incoming traffic would be ideal, Santa.

Make it easier to get verified

Listen Chris Kringle, we want social media social media verification and we want it now. When you’re making the rounds this Christmas, can you speak to the CEO’s of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and ask them to ease up a little? Life would be so much easier for brands if given the opportunity to apply or request that elusive blue badge.

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