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Social Media Marketing World - ContentCal's Key Takeaways

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
14th March 2018
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Last February, Team ContentCal jetted off to Sunny San Diego for Social Media Marketing World 2018. Thrilled to have our brand ambassador, Samantha Kelly (literally a tweeting goddess, alongside us at the event, we’ve come back to the UK feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and filled with amazing tips for social media marketing.

And we want to share them with you… Samantha Kelly was at #SMMW18 talking about turning Twitter conversations into conversions (in a ContentCal T-Shirt, no less)

Spread your #TwitterMagic

Our very top takeaway from Social Media Marketing World was to interact, interact, interact. It’s so important on social media that you make every attempt to start conversations, interact with new followers, and get involved with trending hashtags and Twitter chats. With 72% of people more likely to make a future purchase from a small business after they have followed or interacted with them on Twitter, making an effort online can make a huge difference to growing and maintaining your customer base. ! It's also key to ensure you have a solid social media marketing plan in place to achieve these goals.

Experience is everything

We were incredibly lucky to catch a really insightful presentation from Jessika Phillips on Relationship ROI. Focusing on growing your business on repeat with referral relationships, this talk outlined how to capture the right type of customer, aka, those who will recommend your services, using the right social media planning tools too.

Our main takeaway from this presentation, however, was the sheer and undeniable importance of experience. By 2020, the #1 reason someone will choose a business over their competition is experience so it’s vital to showcase your knowledge and expertise now, whenever you have the opportunity. The best way to attract new customers is through building a knowledgeable and respectable reputation so make sure you invest in a great social media management platform, and this will be determined by how you deal with your current customer base.

With 77% of conversations initiated by people looking for advice, information, or help, you should always be aware of how your product or services could be the solution to your target market’s problems. Use social media to uncover your customer's activities and then use this information to market your services to new referral customers. Social Media Marketing World 4

Facebook is going nowhere

Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner really kicked things off with a bang with his presentation on the importance of Facebook. Fellow social media marketers will be all too aware of the changes to Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm in prioritising ‘meaningful social interactions’ over ‘relevant content’ and how this has raised the bar for Facebook advertising with an increase in quantity and competitiveness. However, let’s all keep in mind that a smaller, more relevant, and more engaged audience is always more valuable than a larger and less engaged one. Social media marketing world 79 Our best advice for Facebook in 2018 is to do more video. Video is huge right now (as if you didn’t already know) but when it comes to the future of Facebook, their stories feature is predicted to really take off. To make the perfect video, however, brands ought to remember to be human in their approach to effectively connect with their audience. Social Media Marketing World 3

Chatbots are the future

One recurring theme we noticed at #SMMW18 was chatbots. When it comes to incorporating chatbots with your Facebook strategy, you could see an increase in lead generation with the ability to answer more questions at the key points in the sales process. In 2018, 70% of marketers want to learn more about Facebook Messenger bots, and who can blame them when you consider the potential benefits. Social Media Marketing World 2

Social media will evolve again

One keynote that really stuck with us came from Brian Solis on the past and future of social media. While the very concept of social media is just 20 years old, it’s already changed and developed so many times that it’s extraordinary to imagine where social media could be in another 20 years.

Despite evolving at a rapid rate, the future of social media is still in our control. If we all head online with good intentions, then social media has the potential to become a completely safe and wonderful place for future generations to enjoy. There's always new social media tools being introduced to the market so it's important to stay up to date as to what can help you curate, plan and execute better social media.

While social media marketing is now recognized as a highly successful form of marketing, when we consider the journey that social media has undergone to get to 2018 then nothing is certain (scary, yet true).

Top tools to investigate

And finally, our last key takeaway from Social Media Marketing World was to try out the following social media marketing campaign scheduler; Pom Pom, Wave Video, Bonjoro, and Facebook Watch. Frequently recommended to us in San Diego, we’re looking forward to giving these tools/ networks a whirl and seeing how they can contribute to our social media marketing. If you’ve got any experience using any of the above then shoot us a tweet at @ContentCal_io and let us know your thoughts.

Team ContentCal at Social Media Marketing World 2019..?

We had the best time at our very first Social Media Marketing World and we’d like to take a minute to thank Social Media Examiner for doing one tremendous job in organising the event, to all the speakers who inspired us (which was literally all of them), and to all the friendly faces we had the pleasure of putting names to.

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