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Defining your social media audience for 2022

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A Comparison of ContentCal and Buffer

ContentCal and Buffer: a comparison

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How to Launch your Instagram Campaign

How does one get the ball rolling when it comes to an Instagram campaign?

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Social Media Buzzwords

Believe it or not, social media for personal use and social media for business are actually whole worlds apart.

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‘Social Media That Works': Download our Ebook

Download our Ebook filled with top tips and social media management advice: ‘Social Media That Works'

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Get people talking about YOUR social media campaign

With a little bit of TLC, your social channels can be a powerful driver of low-cost and far-reaching exposure for your business.

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Productivity Hacks for Small and Busy Teams

ContentCal can make an enormous difference when it comes to time saving - improving efficiency and helping you to maintain a consistently high standard of work

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How Fi Shailes Manages Social Media

ContentCal had the privilege to wrack the wise and experienced brain of social media manager Fi Shailes on all things social media management

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Put the A back in Agency

So you’re a budding agency? You might think you’re getting along with old reliable spreadsheet methods, but don't knock our solution until you’ve tried it.

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“Because they told me to.” - Influencer marketing 101.

Influencer marketing has really grown up. So much so in fact, that if you are an Instagram-addict, it may be time to quiver into your maxed out credit card

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Your Followers Want Authenticity, Not Ads.

Authenticity is about finding a voice that encompasses your mission and values and resonates with your audience in a human way.

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If Brands Have Become Publishers, Then Marketers Are the Journalists

Content marketing is now used by 89% of B2B marketers, and 66% of marketers expected their organisation’s content marketing budget to increase in the next year

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2016: The Year in Social Media

For the savvy social media marketer, keeping one step ahead of the curve can help give your brand a serious competitive edge against others in the market.

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