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How to Create a Social Media Monthly Plan

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
17th July 2018
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When you’re beginning the process of putting together a social media monthly plan, you need to first ask yourself important questions in regards to who your target audience is, what type of content you plan to publish on your social media platforms, and how frequently you will be posting. When you’re confident you’ve found your ideal customer, you can then begin practically thinking about ways to curate purposeful, engaging content and finessing a strategy for posting. What's key here is you create an effcient social media plan

Here’s our top tips on creating a social media monthly plan

Use a content calendar

First thing’s first - find a content calendar that works for you. Content calendars are invaluable in helping you plan and create your upcoming social content to keep you structured and focused in managing your social channels. While many content calendar tools which are reffered to more commonnly as a social media management platform are integrated with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for auto-publishing capabilities, gone are the days of frantically trying to create and execute a post when you know your audience is online.

With a content calendar, you’ll have a string of consistently great content, prepared in advance, and set to post at peak times of traffic. It’ll also help you to stay varied in the content you are posting, and stick to your content marketing strategy. ContentCal is just one content calendar example that allows you to see all of your upcoming content mapped out in a visual calendar format in weekly and monthly view. It's more than just a content calendar really though it's a social media management platform.

Map out key dates

Now you’ve been paired with the perfect calendar to help you master your content, go through it with a metaphorical fine-toothed comb and map out any key dates. You can then plan ahead to deliver thoughtful content for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas etc. but also dates that are specific to your business. For example, do you plan on live streaming the launch of your new product? Are you hosting a webinar? Are you attending any events? By planning this content ahead, you’re maximising your potential engagement as well as setting the bar for your brand, have a social media calendar can allow you to plan all this activity and stay organised. social media monthly plan 2

Fill in the gaps

Once you have your key dates, you can use your content themes to fill in the gaps on your social media monthly plan. Seeing your content in front of you will help keep everything varied and interesting, so interaction on your channels won’t go stale. You can even leave notes within the calendar for yourself on ideas or draft content you might want to expand upon or explore at a later date when planning social posts again.

However, remember that ad hoc content might be necessary for some occasions. Let’s be topical and assume you want to post about The World Cup; make some notes in your calendar about important fixture dates, but wait until later on to finalise your content to ensure your posts are relevant and exciting. Having a social media posting schedule can really help.

Reflect on the previous month

Equally as important as having your social media marketing plan (and we can’t stress this enough) is assessing and reviewing your plan at the end of each month. After all, there’s really no point in continuously posting the same sort of content over and over again, only to wonder why your engagement never increases.

With a content calendar or whatever social media management system monthly report, you can assess which content themes are getting the best interaction and which times of posting are most effective for impressions. You might even decide that there’s value in posting more frequently on your top-performing social networks. Therefore it's also key to ensure your social media posting tool pulls through analytics so you can keep an eye on performance.

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