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Looking for a social media plan example? You've come to the right place

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
15th May 2018
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Frantically google searching for the perfect social media marketing plan example?

Truth is, there’s no universal plan that will be appropriate for everyone. But if you keep reading this blog we’ll let you in on some great ideas for content that most people will be able to apply to their social media strategy.

But first - why is a social media plan so important?

Social media has given everyone the capacity to be their own expert marketer. Large corporate brands have generally always had a strong online presence, but the rise of the personal brand, social influencers, Instagram models and viral videos has shown just how possible it can be for individuals to make their mark online too.

If your brand is looking to make an impact, then a social media plan is an incredibly important tool to have for a whole host of reasons. Having a plan will not only provide you with a clear direction, but it will allow you to understand your audience’s needs better. If you are measuring what works, what doesn’t, and communicating with your audience, you’ll notice an increased social media ROI. Additionally, without one, your company won’t have a consistent voice and if you don’t have clearly defined goals, your employees won’t know what to share or say either.

A well defined social media plan should have lots of components to it, and a social media content calendar is an excellent way of keeping track of what to post and when.

Here are some ideas you can use to form a social media plan example:

Sharing is caring

If you’re a business, why not share industry news? If you keep abreast of news and share it before your competitors, not only will you be better informed, but it’ll give your brand credibility and people will come to you first to see what’s going on in the industry. Ultimately, you could bring in more followers and get more shares or retweets. Win-win, no?

A bit of self-congratulation

Let your audience know about your successes with company updates. If you’ve signed a new deal with a great company or sourced a whole host of fantastic new clients for your agency, let people know. This will help to build a bond with your followers or customers, making them feel included in your business. social media plan example 3

Human nature

Social media marketing is all about connecting with your target audience. Some businesses do this effectively and some don’t. In some instances, failure could be attributed to addressing the audience in too formal a tone, rather than connecting on a human level. Why not humanise your brand by posting about your internal team culture? You could do an employee of the month feature or acknowledge birthdays, for example.

Promote, don’t gloat

Promote your services and shout about how great you are by all means, but don’t fall into the trap of over-promoting. We all want to see our attributes read and shared widely, but there’s a fine art to doing this without it being overkill. Only 30% or less of your content should be self-promotion, with the rest being a healthy mixture of other things. Social media is often where people congregate for light relief – so don’t swamp them with heaps of advertorial copy. social media plan example 4

The importance of having fun

In perfect pairing with the above – remember to have FUN with your content. If you’re all self-promotion, monotony, and no enjoyment, then you won’t entice your audience to keep coming back for more. Entertain them with competitions and challenges, run polls, tell jokes, and spread brand awareness through people sharing your fun and relatable content.  

So there you have it - some great ideas that make up the perfect social media plan example. We love hearing from you here at ContentCal, so if you have great content examples that have worked wonders for your business, why not tweet us at @ContentCal_io

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