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Monthly update: July’s social and digital trends

Catch up on July's live social media update, featuring the latest trends and news from the world of content marketing,

29th July 2021

Here’s your whistle stop tour of everything that launched, changed, flopped and happened in Social Media in July 2021.

This update is divided into three sections so you can scroll on down to the parts that matter to you - or read them all to be fully up-to-speed:

  1. Platform and usage data - who is doing what and where are they doing it
  2. This month’s social headlines
  3. What’s new - everything that launched or changed this month

If you prefer your content in a video format, you can watch an on demand recording of this month’s live social media round up. It’s around 60minutes long, unless you change your speed settings to 1.5 and then you can have 15 minutes back.

Here we go...

Platform data and usage stats

The most downloaded apps for July:


Platform usage and time spent on social:

Figure 1. Average Time Spent in Minutes on Social Media 2Q 2020

This month’s social headlines

Video will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022 According to the Cisco Annual Internet Report

To back this up, stats from Wyzowl’s survey show just how much video is still growing...

  • 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service
  • People watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week, a 52% increase in the last two years

TikTok hits 3 billion downloads, making it the fastest growing social platform

What's new?

Creating the perfect facebook business page in 2021


  • Bulletin has launched! Facebook Bulletin is a new feature designed to support creators by allowing them to publish their writing and share audio content within the app
  • Designated group experts can now be flagged within the app to help support and grow online communities - as well as building those individual’s personal brand. It also provides an opportunity to reach out to other experts and invite them to join your groups or pages
  • The way you can invite people to like or follow your page has been simplified - saving time and effort when growing your followers
  • A $1billion creator fund has launched, proving we really are living in a creator economy
  • 75% of iOS users have said no to facebook tracking since the opt-in option for ads and data sharing went live. This stands to have a significant affect on target advertising and means we all need to start thinking about more ways to engage with people on Facebook. You can find some great tips in our community building workshop with Matt Navarra.


  • Link stickers, or swipe up links, are being tested with a much wider group (they were previously reserved for people with verified status or over 10,000 followers) and if the trial goes well, it may be made available to everyone. The stickers work the same way a swipe-up link works, you just tap them instead of swiping up!
  • Adam Moseri has been very vocal on sharing details about how Instagram's algorithm works with the main takeaway being, Instagram doesn’t have just one algorithm - you continuously need to measure and tweak your content to stay engaging and be seen
  • Instagram is on a mission to become a video first entertainment app and is focusing its efforts on four core areas to make this happen: messaging, shopping, creators and video


twitter paid subscription plan

  • Your tweets = your space! You can now restrict and change who can reply to you, even after your tweet has been posted
  • Fleets has been switched off! Originally built for people to share their ‘fleeting thoughts’ and feel more comfortable joining conversations, Fleets just didn’t get the engagement Twitter hoped for and has now left the app
  • Auto-captions are coming to all voice tweets - really honing in on inclusivity


  • YouTube shorts, short catchy videos that YouTube users film with their mobile phone, are being rolled out globally after impressive initial success


TikTok will be banned in the US from Sunday

  • The average US TikTok user spends 24.5 hours on the platform
  • The maximum video length for the platform is being extended to three minutes! It has been limited to 60 seconds since it launched in 2018
  • The ‘For You’ house is being launched in Westfield shopping centre to bring TikTok’s biggest UK creators together with TikTok users in four real life rooms


  • Direct messaging has launched within the app so you can communicate 1:1 with other users

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