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How to stop great content ideas from slipping through the net

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
20th November 2020

If you’re anything like me, you’ve always got your ‘marketing hat’ on at least a little bit.

Whether I’m browsing social media, reading the news, or just doing a casual google search, I’m still prone to having ‘ah-ha moments’ whenever something catches my eye.

The problem?

Well, content ideas can be a little bit like lightning. One second it’s right there and vividly staring you in the face, and the next second you’re distracted, moved onto something else, or have already dismissed what could have been the tip of the iceberg idea.

In fact, we’re so used to letting these fleeting ideas come and go that we barely even realize we’re doing it. The reality is that we’re constantly letting potential content ideas simply slip through the net, without a second thought.

In a recent survey, we discovered that 83% of marketers say they find it hard to keep coming up with new and original ideas for content, while 73% added that they felt under pressure to produce these content ideas.

While I’ll be the first to agree that content ideation can definitely be challenging, I’d also argue that these statistics are not just down to ‘creative exhaustion’ but are actually a direct result of allowing these small flashes of inspiration to go un-recorded during the day.

Our solution: Web Clipper

Web Clipper allows you to save links and articles to ContentCal while browsing the web, allowing you to capture your ideas the minute they hit you, and save them to ContentCal with just a few simple clicks.

web clipper 1

Whenever you’re browsing the web and you spot something of interest, whether it’s something that’s inspired you, a web page you’d like to come back to later, or an article you want to share with your audience, you can save this URL to your Content Hub or Pinboard using our Web Clipper extension; quick, simple, and friction-free.

Web Clipper nicely bridges the gap between your browsing experience, and your ContentCal account allowing you to easily send ideas to ContentCal to pick up later, without needing to open a new tab and login to your account. You can choose to send your link to either the Content Hub Library (for you or another member of your team to pick up later), or to the Pinboard to be pinned to the side of your Calendar.

If you’re using Web Clipper on mobile, you can also curate content on the move with the ability to highlight copy from the article of interest, and save this to ContentCal alongside the URL.

web clipper 2

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