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Testing Twitter Audio Spaces

Blog Post Author – Andy
12th March 2021

Following our first Clubhouse room last month, I was encouraged by the opportunity in this content format, so much so, we’re now testing Twitter’s approach to audio-first social media.

Twitter Audio Spaces is currently in closed Beta. However, anyone who has access to this Beta is able to invite anyone with a Twitter account to join too.

This is where friend of ContentCal and Co-Founder of Digital Mums, Nikki Cochrane, comes in and invites me to join her in testing a ‘Space’.

Spaces can’t be scheduled social posts, so Nikki had to create a Space and invite me with a link;

twitter spaces

Once you are in a Space, the experience is pretty consistent with Clubhouse. The organizer can invite others to speak and control access. But, there are some obvious differences between the two apps;

  • When you are in an Audio Space, it appears at the top of the feed of your Twitter mobile app, where the Fleets are, which makes joining a space with someone you follow really easy
  • There is no notion of ‘Rooms’ like with Clubhouse, which means there is no way to give the discussion a topic or share an understanding of what a user will get from joining, but Twitter is working on this
  • Twitter looks to be winning the race for the launch of an Android app, which will sway the game in Twitters’ favor
  • On both apps, discovering interesting new Spaces on Rooms is still tough, but I expect that to be a big area of focus as these approaches mature

Inside Twitter Audio Spaces

As per the user interface below, the controls are pretty simple. You can mute, add subtitles (great for accessibility and inclusivity), add a reaction and share an invite to the Space through a DM, or by copying a link to share publicly.

twitter spaces 2

On Friday 12th March at 12pm GMT, Nikki and I are running an Audio Space and would love for you to be part of it, so we can explore the opportunity together.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Key differences between Clubhouse and Twitter Audio Spaces
  • Experiences from each platform
  • Upcoming features and future opportunities
  • Business opportunities to leverage the platforms
  • Does Audio Spaces have the power to rejuvenate Twitter

Join us:

  • There is no way of scheduling a space, so you’ll need to follow me - or Nikki
  • At 12pm you’ll see us appear in a purple circle, where you’d typically find the ‘Fleets’ in the top menu of your Twitter main feed
  • Tap on this circle and you’ll be taken into the Space, from there you can request to speak and join the discussion

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences, but you’re also welcome to just listen in and get a feel for Audio Spaces.

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