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Going to work with The Boutique Workplace Company

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
31st January 2018
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ContentCal Boost The Boutique Workplace Company are known for their unique, design-led, and stylish London-based spaces. With meeting rooms, offices, and event spaces for hire, The Boutique Workplace Company came to ContentCal looking for a fresh new brand to take the industry by storm.

When we first started working with The Boutique Workplace Company, we kicked things off with a collaborative workshop to learn all about the company and their target market. With the ultimate goal to bring leads to the sales team through their social media presence, we were looking to get the creative juices flowing and make a splash in the online pool. ContentCal Boost Boutique Workplace Once we understood The Boutique Workplace Company like the back of our hands, we began planning for the launch of a full creative rebrand, complete with rebrand announcement. We introduced a paid media and organic social media marketing strategy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Adwords with the goal to raise brand awareness, spark engagement, and ultimately drive leads to the website. For The Boutique Workplace Company, Google Adwords was (and still is) our main focus and our primary source for acquiring leads. ContentCal Boost Boutique Workplace 5 When it comes to results, the numbers speak for themselves. ContentCal established high-engaged social channels with over 4700 new followers in the first year alone while our social media marketing campaigns were incredibly successful at sending high quality traffic to the website. In fact, 40% of these enquiries resulted in an office tour. ContentCal Boost Boutique Workplace 9 On the whole, our organic social media strategy and paid media campaigns brought numerous new visitors to The Boutique Workplace Company website with 70% of visitors new to the site every month. In actuality, ContentCal even managed to drive a whopping 290% increase in website hits for The Boutique Workplace Company year on year with limited media spend. ContentCal Boost Boutique Workplace 10 In terms of revenue value, 2017 £135,188.30 in revenue resulted from PPC activity with an additional £181,958.10 from organic, and £181,958.10 from direct deals. The latter can be attributed to general brand awareness, the positioning of their website in Google, and the overall health of the site of which ContentCal built and manage. ContentCal Boost Boutique Workplace 5687

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