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The least Christmassy Christmas films we could find

Here are 12 of the most non-Christmassy Christmas films we could find to satisfy your family without ruining your night.

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
9th December 2021

There are fairy lights everywhere, carol singers in the street, and Christmas trees in all public places. So when your family suggests grouping together to watch a Christmas film, it’s natural to feel like you’ve finally reached your festive limit (we hit ours on November 3rd).

To give your eyes a break from the Christmas overkill, we’ve put together 12 of the most non-Christmassy Christmas films you can suggest to satisfy your relatives, without ruining your own night.

Die Hard

A New York policeman is caught up in a terrorist takeover of an LA skyscraper when visiting his estranged wife.

Why is it a good non-Christmas Christmas film? Die Hard has enough plot, action, and danger to make you forget it’s even set in December.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series follows the lives of Harry, Ron, and Hermionie, who are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Why is it a good non-Christmas Christmas film? The characters are consistently on a mission to uncover various mysteries that’ll keep you too entertained to notice the occasional Christmas scene.


Two children discover a magical board game that releases a number of dangers, including a man who’s been trapped for decades.

Why is it a good non-Christmas Christmas film? Honestly, Christmas barely even gets a mention. It’s just two kids and two adults dealing with constant shenanigans.


Billy’s new pet comes with three very specific instructions; do not feed after midnight, do not get wet, and do not expose to light. When these rules are neglected, a horde of monsters (gremlins) are unleashed upon the town.

Why is it a good non-Christmas Christmas film? When you think about it, it’s literally a film about Christmas being ruined by a Gremlin infestation. If you’re a true anti-Christmas-er you might relish the moment.

Mean Girls

New to the suburbs, Cady befriends a group of girls known as the Plastics, but the more she fits in, the more she loses sight of herself.

Why is it a good non-Christmas Christmas film? There’s a sprinkle of Christmas in this film in the form of a brief and uncomfortable dance routine. But the majority of the time it’s just classic high school drama.

Groundhog Day

Phil is a weatherman who thinks of nobody but himself. When he visits the town of Punxsutawney on business he’s shocked to wake up and find himself reliving the same day over and over.

Why is it a good non-Christmas Christmas film? Groundhog Day actually doesn’t feature Christmas at all (yay). But is often accepted as a good film to watch this time of year due to its wintery scenes and feel-good factor.

The Parent Trap

Identical twins who were separated at birth meet at a summer camp and decide to switch places in order to reunite their parents.

Why is it a good non-Christmas Christmas film? The Parent Trap is such a childhood classic and it’s held up pretty well over time. If any member of your family says they don’t enjoy this film then they are lying. And as a bonus: No Christmas scenes!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington, a resident of Halloween town, discovers Christmas town and becomes fascinated. However, his attempts to understand and recreate Christmas don’t exactly go to plan.

Why is it a good non-Christmas Christmas film? If anything, The Nightmare Before Christmas is equally as appropriate for Halloween as it is for Christmas. Any references to Christmas are not shrouded in the usual festive cheer.

The Shining

When Jack and his family move into an abandoned hotel, he begins to lose his sanity.

Why is it a good non-Christmas Christmas film? Although this film is set at Christmas time, it is so chilling that you will honestly barely notice.

Toy Story

Cowboy doll, Woody, sees his position as Andy’s favorite toy being threatened when spaceman Buzz Lightyear enters the bedroom.

Why is it a good non-Christmas Christmas film? It’s a very enjoyable ‘enemies to friends’ sort of film and good fun for all the family. It has JUST THE ONE Christmas scene right at the end. (So if you really do hate Christmas, you could turn it off a few minutes early).

Catch Me If You Can

Frank Abagnale is a notorious con artist. As his cons become increasingly elaborate, he also needs to dodge the FBI. (Based on a true story).

Why is it a good non-Christmas Christmas film? Catch Me If You Can is gripping and entertaining and only includes a couple of Christmas scenes here and there (it is set over a number of years so the occasional Christmas scene is inevitable).

Batman Returns

In Batman Returns, Batman is battling with the Penguin who has a ploy to kill all of the first-born sons in Gotham City.

Why is it a good non-Christmas Christmas film? Although Batman Returns is set during Christmas time, because this is a Tim Burton-directed film, the overall vibe of the film is dark and twisted as opposed to festive and gleeful. Much more tolerable.

Tell us what alternative, non-festive, festive films will make their way into your own TV screens using #AlternativeChristmas on Twitter or LinkedIn and we’ll send some non-festive, festive treats to our favorites!

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