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“Because they told me to.” - Influencer marketing 101.

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
2nd February 2017
influencer marketing 101

Since its waist training and fad diet-tea days, influencer marketing has really grown up. So much so in fact, that if you are an Instagram-addict, it may be time to quiver into your maxed out credit card...

Now a teen, influencer marketing is subtler, cooler and more persuasive than ever before. In 2017, a whopping 84% of marketers are planning to add knock-out influencer campaigns to their marketing strategies.

So, what is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a sprinkle of product mention, a dash of old-school testimonial, and a splodge of celebrity endorsement. It is the friend that confides to you where they bought those nice shoes, rather than the guy outside the restaurant offering 241 drinks if you go inside. Influencer Marketing 101 56

Who are influencer marketers?

Whilst there are some online icons, such as Selena Gomez, whose 100 million+ instagram followers could allow her to ask for £400,000 per post, don’t spit out your coffee yet. For most brands, an influencer can be anyone that has push with their target audience- be it a gamer, blogger or Mum that wore a chewbacca mask and went viral. The cost of posts or endorsements are usually based on audience size.

Generally, there are three main things that make most influencers high-quality for businesses:

  1. An audience and tone that matches their brands
  2. A large social media following with high engagement
  3. A knack for inspiring their audience to act on something
  4. A great social media scheduling tools to get them organised.

Influencer Marketing 101 435

Why is influencer marketing so powerful?

If this post was longer than 500 words we could go into human psychology, but the basics are that 92% of us trust recommendations from other people (even if we don’t know them.) So, when someone tells us they like something online, we believe them, and if we admire that person, we probably admire their recommendation.

This means influencer marketing often guarantees a high-converting wave of website traffic, on top of other hidden benefits for brands, such as:

  • Increased overall brand awareness
  • Exposure to relevant audiences that will listen to their message
  • Free content (with free models who will stand out on their newsfeeds.)

Finally and most importantly, influencer marketing is so powerful because it is more like paying for a mortgage than paying rent. When brands pay an influencer to talk about them online, it’s highly likely some of the influencer’s following will then follow and trust their social channels - thus increasing the brand’s own value online, forever. Influencer Marketing 101 35 Post-campaign if content creators are smart, they’ll nurture their new audiences with strong social media content, which can go on to raise the ROI of their campaigns tenfold.

Your 2017 influencer campaign

It was once said content is king and if so, Google trends is suggesting he has been overthrown. In 2017, influencer marketing is no longer an ‘add on’ for digital marketing strategies, but fundamental option with a long and impressive list of benefits. Influencer Marketing 101 478 Ready to invest in influencer marketing?

Unfortunately, unless they have their email in their bio, seasoned influencers are often locked behind agency walls. Luckily, we can put you in touch with some talented online superstars, for more information for managed social head here.

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