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Connecting ContentCal and Trello to create the perfect content marketing workflow

Blog Post Author – Andy
15th February 2021

What is Trello?

Trello is a fantastic tool for visual thinkers who need an easily organized content plan.

Trello is built around the use of boards, columns and cards. For example, you use a board for each individual project, such as a ‘summer launch campaign’. Then you use columns to map out different stages of tasks - such as ‘in progress’, ‘approved’ or ‘complete’. Cards are created for each individual task and move between the different columns, for example a task such as: ‘create launch email’ would warrent a card.

What does Trello do?

Trello has gained great popularity in the marketing industry, helping teams collaborate around a broader marketing plan. It is great for organization and perfect for people who need a high-level overview of what's going on in a company-wide setting.

Where Trello falls slightly short, is in specific content marketing activity. Trello works well at a high-level, but when we start going into the detail of the creative and copy, many businesses find limitations, and need an extra tool.

This is where ContentCal comes in.

Much like Trello, ContentCal is a simple and visual tool. Where ContentCal excels from a content marketing perspective, is in helping teams visualize content across multiple channels. contentCal gives previews of how content will look when it's posted.

In any content marketing plan, it is important to understand how the visuals and messaging tie together across multiple channels. Also, it's an essential for efficiency that planning is inherently linked to publishing and analysis of content. Through ContentCal's auto-publishing and analytics tools, you can both improve efficiency and understand what's working for your brand.

The best of both worlds

To recap; Trello - is great for building a high-level marketing or campaign plan. But, not so good for creating a specific content marketing plan.

ContentCal - is great for creating a visual multi-channel content plan. But, not so good with broader marketing plans.

Now that it's clear where both ContentCal and Trello fit into the marketing toolset, there is no need to worry about which is better as they work collaboratively.

You can use Zapier (read more about Zapier here) to connect Trello and ContentCal and create the perfect marketing workflow, in under 5 minutes.

This video details how the integration works:

Head to Zapier to start setting up your zap now.

An example

In this screenshot, you can see the ‘board’ is called ‘Client Marketing Campaign’, the ‘columns’ are called ‘to do’ and ‘in progress,’ and each task is a ‘card’.

Integrating trello and contentcal

To create the most efficient workflow, you can set up the integration (see video above) to trigger when a ‘card’ is moved from the ‘to do’ to the ‘in progress’ column.

Let’s say that you had a card called ‘create social posts’ - as you slide this card between the ‘to do’ and ‘in progress’ columns, it would trigger the integration to send details of that card to ContentCal, letting the team know any actions they need to follow up with.

You can then leave the link to the specific ContentCal calendar on the ‘card’ in Trello, allowing the rest of the team to see the details of the content.

Operating in this way allows you to manage the high-level plan and the detailed implementation in a seamless way, helping the whole marketing team operate efficiently and collaboratively.

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