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Here's what Twitter's paid subscription model could look like

Sophie Thompson
31st July 2020
twitter paid subscription plan

Whether a social media user, or social media management, there's been speculation for years of "are they or aren't they?" when it comes to Twitter introducing a paid subscription.

But with the year of COVID-19 bringing ad revenue down by a whopping 23%, the platform has seemingly confirmed that a plan allowing useage of extra features could almost certainly be on its way.

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What will be included in the paid Twitter plan?

Well, no one's entirely sure yet, as the company have kept things under wraps. However, CEO Jack Dorsey told investors that Twitter is looking at "multiple lines of revenues" and a place to "explore other ideas".

They've also already listed a job in New York for a senior full-stack software engineer, clearly stating that it's for a new subscription platform in a "first for Twitter".

And now it seems like users could be targeted for surveys while the platform looks at what they'd be willing to pay for.

Social media professionals in The Social Media Geekout group on Facebook have been hit with questionnaires that suggest a number of options that may or may not be available on Twitter in the future. The survey asked them to rank the options between 'the most important' and the 'least important' if they were required to pay.

Twitter paid subscription options

Twitter paid subscription options

Twitter paid subscription options

Twitter paid subscription options

Twitter paid subscription options

Potential features include badges that link users to their professions (for example, a journalist could get a badge of the publication they work for), which could eventually become a replacement for the coveted verified badge.

There are also more subtle offerings, including custom emojis, as well as custom fonts and themes.

The more favourable features for those in marketing are undoubtably new social listening capabilities, longer and more high quality videos, and user approvals - allowing multiple team members access to certain parts of a brands account without needing a password.

There's also the potentail that Twitter will go in the direction of LinkedIn, and allow recruiting, by creating a feature for open positions and the ability to connect with others in your industry.

Unfortunately, despite a lifetime of calling upon the social media platform for an edit button, it's not on the list of options, so it looks like we'll be waiting that out a little longer.

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