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The Ultimate Guide to Teamwork in ContentCal

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
26th September 2019
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Two heads are better than one, three heads are better than two, and four heads are better than three.

But what we’re really trying to say here is that teamwork makes the dream work.

Here at ContentCal, we’re huge fans of collaboration and working together to reach common goals. We strongly believe that the best content is crafted by bouncing ideas around and letting creative energy run wild. 

For this reason, it’s always been important for us to make ContentCal a place where teams can get together to master their social media content. We want teams to be able to bat feedback around as they would in real life.  teamwork_ContentCal

So without further ado, here are 8 ContentCal features that make teamwork a breeze

1. Commenting Leave comments on individual posts in ContentCal to give feedback, ask for edits, or even just congratulate your colleague on a ‘cracking social post’. @ Mention other members of your team in a comment to send them an email notification, and filter the Calendar to view ‘only posts with comments’ to focus on the ones that really need attention.  Comments ContentCal

2. Approval Workflows When it comes to getting your work approved, any ambiguity could end in disaster. Thanks to ContentCal’s built-in approval workflows you can be 100% certain on the status of a post. You can also assign different user permissions to various members of your team depending on how much power you want to grant over the Content Calendar.  This ensures that content will always be vetted and approved by the most appropriate members of the team.  Approvals ContentCal

3. Shared Calendar View ContentCal’s crystal clear calendar layout makes collaboration a dream. Everyone on your team, regardless of their organization role or user permissions, has the exact same visibility over the upcoming content. Get everyone on the same page - literally.  Shared calendar ContentCal  

4. The Pinboard The Pinboard is a space for leaving notes and ideas. Located to the left-hand side of your content calendar is the perfect place for dropping inspiration to share with your team and get the creative juices a-flowing. Invite everyone to contribute to the Pinboard to create a hub of content ideas and suggestions from across the entire team. ContentCal Pinboard

5. Calendar Notes Never miss an opportunity for some genius social media content. ContentCal’s Calendar Notes provide the perfect space for leaving information and reminders for various key dates. Write a note to remind your team about ‘National Talk Like A Pirate Day’ or ‘New products launch day’. Pinboard ContentCal

6. Campaign Folders Who knows what it's like to lose an important document in the never-ending jungle of an overflowing Google Drive? Store all briefs, strategies, and plans in one place using ContentCal’s Campaign Folders; viewable and editable for everyone on your team.  Campaign ContentCal

7. Integrations Thanks to our Zapier integration, you can combine ContentCal with the tools that your team already uses to aid collaboration. Connecting ContentCal to Slack, for example, makes it simple to bring any content-related discussions straight into ContentCal as a new Pinboard post.  Our advanced media uploader also means that you can connect your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts to ContentCal, enabling media and assets to be added straight from these sources to your ContentCal posts. 

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