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ContentCal and vidbuild join in partnership

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
9th October 2018
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ContentCal is proud to announce it’s flashy new partnership with video creation tool vidbuild.

*Cue the celebrations*

vidbuild is a brand new tool that makes video creation quicker and easier than ever before. With an expansive bank of stock video clips (over 3.5 million), it takes mere minutes to whip up stunning and professional looking videos that are simply perfect for marketing your brand. vidbuild Here at ContentCal, we value fantastic, artistic, and creative social media content. As a result, we were fast fans of vidbuild and everything it has to offer, and have thoroughly enjoyed capitalising on the perks of visual content. Like this...   Edit Post ‹ ContentCal — WordPress  Ooh right?

While we’ve got your attention, let us refresh your memory on some of the pros of video content…

It’s digestible

It’s easy to watch a video; you just sit, stare, and absorb all the information you need. It’s so much easier than reading a long winded paragraph about the same thing - and so much more interesting too.

Show rather than tell

Humans are visual creatures. We like to see things, watch things, experience things. With short attention spans it’s always better to show rather than tell.

A picture is worth 100 words

So imagine how many a video is worth? Video content allows you to say so much more, in a shorter space of time, without even necessarily saying anything. Give your audience more information, and stop overwhelming them with oodles of text.

Auto-play video

The way that social media platforms work with video content makes it all that easier to share your message. Notice how video content automatically starts playing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Stop the scrolling with your enticing visual content.

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