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Watch and Learn; Content Marketing, Done Right

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
10th October 2017
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FACT: Good content marketing can make the public flock to your brand like bees to honey.

We all dream of the day we manage to make it off the Yellow Brick Road and reach the Emerald City where the followers come looking for you, and not the other way around. Problem is, things can get tough when it comes to staying original, appealing to your audience, and making sure you have the resources for whatever hair-brained scheme you do rustle up. Also having a social media plan can massively help.

And although we’ve yet to hear complaints about miscellaneous scarecrows, there is a first time for everything.

Fortunately for you, we know all and see all when it comes to social media and social media marketing automation, and there’s a few pretty cool brands out there who are really taking content marketing to the next level. Who knows, they might even give you a few ideas...

Topshop’s VR Waterslide

Topshop really capitalised on the latest tech when it came to their virtual reality waterslide from the summer of 2017. Customers were invited to don flotation donuts for a cruise around their flagship Oxford Street store, while the VR aspect whisked them away on a London tour. Not only did the promise of a waterslide bring in the throngs of people, but it also made quite the splash (sorry) when it came to social sharing, especially in terms of user generated content.

This was so much fun! @sarah_askaroff #virtualreality #topshopwaterslide #London

A post shared by missellepics136 (@missellepics136) on Jun 4, 2017 at 11:53am PDT


Mental health app, Headspace, is certainly producing quite the noteworthy blog content. With a variety of topics covering self-esteem, OCD, and other anxiety issues, Headspace is opening the doors for learning and raising awareness about mental health in a super engaging and interesting format. They’re basically ticking all the boxes when it comes to readable and useful content. Why not have a gander?

The Boutique Workplace Company

Property hire business, The Boutique Workplace Company, bring something new to the workplace / event space / meeting room scene with their utterly stylish and design-led buildings. And you know what else they're bringing to the table? You guessed it, pretty amazing content. As one of ContentCal Studio's clients, our team ensure that Boutique's cool, chic vibes radiate into their social pages so that their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts are filled with London-loving tid-bits and all the best design inspiration. It's also worth checking out their blog for the latest on office decor and London-working.

Starbucks ‘Upstanders’

In 2016, Starbucks pushed the boat out and rather unexpectedly launched ‘Upstanders’ an original content series that tells stories of compassion, citizenship, and civility. Topics that have already been covered include homelessness, food waste, autism, and poverty. Now about to return for a second season on October 10th, the public await another collection of thought-provoking and intriguing videos. Furthermore, with video becoming increasingly more popular in recent years (and if you say your favourite social media platform isn’t Instagram, you’re lying) Starbucks is really making use of this growing trend to showcase and explore some important worldly issues.

Divinity LA Bracelets

Who doesn’t love an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account? These handmade bracelets from Divinity LA, are making quite the style statement on their Instagram @Divinityla. Their feed is essentially a mixture of lifestyle, travel, exotic, and fashionable picturesque shots constructed to make the bracelets looks pretty damn desirable. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the power of the picture.

The humble bee always encourages us to remember the sweetness in life!🐝💛 #DivinityLA (#ShopTheLink in bio!)

A post shared by Divinity LA Bracelets (@divinityla) on Oct 1, 2017 at 7:14pm PDT

Well, well, well, talk about prime inspiration. Businesses like these are really paving the way when it comes to content marketing, not only because they're trying new things, but also because you can completely feel the effort they've put into crafting their content, giving it the love it needs and publishing content via one of their social media management tools. On top of that a social media marketing plan is key to make all of this activity happen.

Some mighty fine brands with some mighty fine content. Have any of these examples given you a much needed lightbulb moment? Let us know on Twitter @ContentCal_io

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