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Web Clipper: A faster way to fill your Calendar

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
25th November 2019
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Web Clipper is your golden ticket to speedy content creation.

Spot something interesting while browsing the web? Use Web Clipper to send the post straight to ContentCal in just a few clicks.

What is Web Clipper?

Use Web Clipper to instantly push the ideas you find when browsing straight to ContentCal. Our new browser extension sends this content directly from the navigation bar to your Pinboard or Library (within Content Hub).

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Why we created Web Clipper

We’re always looking for ways to make content creation easier and faster. We started working on Web Clipper because many of you were finding it tough to keep tabs on interesting articles you could use for social. Web Clipper automates the process of discovering great content, and then adding it to ContentCal. It also allows your team to get more collaborative, allowing anyone to add content to the Pinboard or Library without even needing to go into ContentCal directly.

“Web Clipper had been one of our most highly requested features so it quickly became a priority of ours. It was really important for us to give our customers what they need to make ContentCal the perfect tool for them. It took us a few months of hard work to get here, but we’re so pleased to see that already so many people are using Web Clipper on a daily basis to populate their content plans.” - Becca Croly, Product Designer

How to use Web Clipper

Web Clipper is currently available for Chrome, Edge, and Brave (Firefox coming soon). You can also use Web Clipper on mobile for iOS and Android.

  1. Install the extension for desktop,for iOS, or for Android
  2. Whenever you want to save something to ContentCal, simply select the ContentCal extension from your navigation bar. If you're using Web Clipper on mobile you can also highlight text, select 'Share' and then select the ContentCal icon.
  3. Enter the details for your post and select to either 'Add to Library' or 'Add to Pinboard'.

Note: If you add a channel, your post will be added to the Pinboard. If you choose not to add a channel, you post will be added to the Library (within Content Hub).

Check out the support doc

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