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When COSS met ContentCal...

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
29th June 2018

We recently spoke to Ron Ang from COSS Pte Ltd, market analyst, and user of ContentCal. While COSS (Crypto One Stop Solution) are primarily focused on creating a premier cryptocurrency exchange, they also wanted to get more involved in the world of social media and manage their content with minimal stress.

Here’s Ron’s story…

Tell us about you and your background

I'm Ron Ang, and I'm a market analyst at COSS Pte Ltd. I’ve previously been a game artist as well as a technical product manager at various companies. I got into crypto quite recently (even though I knew about it some time ago), and it spurred me to apply for a job at COSS to help out my favourite exchange. I was drawn in by the community, as well as the potential growth that I saw in this company.

What’s the story behind COSS?

C.O.S.S Pte Ltd launched in April 2017. COSS stands for Crypto One Stop Solution, and we are currently focusing on creating a premier cryptocurrency exchange. However, we also aim to be continuously implementing more features in the future. Our goal is to leverage the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by the public. We have our own token: COSS. By holding the COSS token, users of the exchange are entitled to Fee Split Allocation (FSA) pay-outs. To put it simply, FSA allows the holders of COSS tokens to have an entire portfolio of other cryptocurrencies through a weekly pay-out. More information about COSS and its features is available on our website at

Can you explain what blockchain and cryptocurrency are in the simplest way possible?

The blockchain is a distributed ledger in which all transactions are recorded across a network of computers. Information held on a blockchain is easily verifiable and cannot be corrupted because there is no centralised version of this information stored in one location. As a result, it has no single point of failure. Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange that is created and stored in the blockchain and uses encryption techniques to verify the transfer of information (e.g. funds).

How does COSS differ?

First of all, aside from being a digital token, we are also an exchange on which people trade cryptocurrency. The number of traded tokens on it is increasing every week so it’s very dynamic. Secondly, it’s one of the few places where COSS tokens can be purchased and traded or stored. Even just by storing them you will receive weekly pay-outs in all other cryptocurrencies traded on Thirdly, we are a platform for other start-ups who are willing to list their ICOs with us. Our long-term goal is to become a one-stop shop for all things crypto. That's why we are constantly adding new features. For example, we recently introduced fiat trading on our exchange which allows our users to deposit fiat into a custodial service and purchase crypto with fiat. We have also just finished updating the UI of the site and have pushed it live. We are aiming to acquire a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to become an officially recognised crypto-payment solutions provider. Credibility is crucial for us, so we have customer due diligence KYC and KYB procedures which make us stand out.

What made you look for a tool like ContentCal?

We were looking for ways to optimise our social media management and deliver essential news from the company in a timely manner when planning social.

Why did you choose ContentCal?

It’s inexpensive and easy; a perfect solution for content distribution.

How has ContentCal helped your content marketing efforts?

It decreased stress levels and made posting more enjoyable. We have also enjoyed the convenience of the tool and features like the calendar overview.

What advice would you give to other content / social media marketers?

If there’s something in your work that can be automated and optimised – go for it. Be selective in your choice of tools. Learn how to simplify, but don’t oversimplify. Be smart with the way you use software and always go for the one that offers the most disruptive solution in the long run.

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