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Why Caterham Cars Use ContentCal

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
20th February 2018
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Motorsports and Car enthusiasts Caterham Cars were searching for a social media posting tools that would make content creation, simple, time-saving, and ultimately more effective. Once ContentCal came into their lives, well... what they experienced was growth.

Why did you want to change your social media tool?

Our existing solution made it difficult to schedule social media content while retaining clear visibility on campaign messaging over time. We needed a social media management tool that would allow us to coordinate social media updates from various teams located in the UK while allowing for collaboration by and nature and design. However, what we really needed was a single view that would enable us to see the ‘bigger picture’ when it came to our content. Such a view would improve our ability to deliver timely messaging and grow our community. Caterham Cars 17

Why did you choose ContentCal?

ContentCal stood out from similar tools by offering a clear monthly overview of activity across our social channels. Not only was our team able to collaborate on content from any location, but the challenging task of managing multiple growing social media accounts was made simple.

What have you achieved with ContentCal?

Since making the switch to ContentCal, we have seen a rise in follower growth, and an increase in engagement. Internally, ContentCal has enabled our team to offer more input into the planning and execution of campaigns, resulting in more diverse content strategies that are increasingly reactive and appealing to our community. We also found that our social media management system at the company was so much better equiped for both planning and analysing content performance.

"Since implementing ContentCal, we have noticed a significant improvement in the rate at which our communities are engaging with our content and growing."

- John Faye

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