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Why ‘contextual thinking’ is crushing your content ideation

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
7th January 2021

Staring at a blank content calendar often isn’t conducive to enthusiastic content creation.

If sweaty palms and eye strain are the goal then be my guest, but content creation? Not so much.

The majority of us will agree that content ideation is one of the tougher and more time-consuming aspects of marketing. However, it’s become clear to us over time that one huge reason for the difficulties surrounding content ideation is actually just ‘thinking too contextually’.

Allow me to explain...

Whenever we’re staring at a calendar, trying to work out our social media content ideas and thinking about what posts to add to the schedule, our minds are already trying to consider too many things at once. Let’s break it down; not only are you trying to think of content ideas, but you’re also simultaneously trying to work out how these ideas fit in with your social media content plan, what time and date you should publish the post, which channels would be most appropriate for your content, and so much more.

Internally screaming yet?

context crushing ideation 1

When you completely remove the context and focus solely on one thing at a time; namely, your content ideation, you’ll give your brain the chance to breathe and be less constrained when trying to pop out your post ideas. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor)

So how can we remove the context when coming up with content ideas?

ContentCal’s Content Hub is a context-free home for all of your marketing content. Use the Content Hub Library to keep all of your content ideas, thoughts, inspiration, as well as store your media, or create template posts for later use. All of your social media content ideas can be saved to the Library without the need to determine a publish time/date, choose channels, or any other information relevant to your social media content plan. Here, you can concentrate solely on your social content creation in order to make it original, high quality, and engaging to your audience. Having the Content Hub to-hand also allows you to keep track of any content ideas that don’t make the cut, but might be useful at a later date.

Content hub library

“The Content Hub is a game-changer when it comes to marketing my business online. It’s the place I store all my bright ideas and has saved me from the nightmare of finding content in spreadsheets and folders.” - Tosca Lahiri - Owner @ Wicked Spider

We all know that collaboration has a big part to play in content ideation and the Content Hub is the perfect space for sharing content ideas with your team to give feedback and build upon one another’s thoughts. With a shared view, and the ability to leave comments on Content Hub entries, you can work together to make your content the highest standard it can be.

The Content Hub also works well with other content creation tools within ContentCal such as Contributions and our Web Clipper extension. Contributions allows you to create custom-made forms to send to your team and clients to submit social media content ideas and inspiration. All submissions will go straight into your Content Hub Library for your marketing team to pick up and transform into amazing marketing content. Once again, keeping all content ideas in one central location.


Our Web Clipper allows you to save articles and links straight to the Content Hub while browsing the web which is amazing for stopping content ideas from slipping through the net. If multiple members of your team make use of the Web Clipper extension, this allows your Content Hub to easily collect and store all of your and your team’s content ideas and resources making it perfect for larger teams who want to get involved in content ideation.

How to use the Content Hub

The Content Hub is a tab within your ContentCal Calendar consisting of two areas; the Library, and the Previous Posts section. The Library is where you can add draft posts, media, future content ideas, and notes to be added and used within the Calendar as many times as you like. The Previous Posts, section automatically collects all content that has been published from your main Calendar, allowing you to easily find past content to be re-used and published once again.

Because the Content Hub allows you to create and re-use content as many times as you like, it is the perfect space for creating template content which can save time on content creation later down the line. To add a post to the Calendar from the Content Hub, simply select the ‘+ Use content’ button. To edit the original post in your Library, select the dropdown arrow to the right of the ‘+ Use content’ button’ and then choose to ‘Edit original content’. After your content has been added to the Calendar, you can make use of our Approval Workflows to get your content signed off by the most appropriate member(s) of your team.

For more information on the Content Hub, check out this support doc.

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