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Why organic content isn't dead

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
4th December 2018
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Ding dong, the content’s dead??

The death of organic content is currently the Chinese whispers of the social media marketing world. And while some will happily raise their hands and say ‘welp, that’s that then’, there’s a few of us out there who are still firm supporters of organic content and it’s forgotten glory.

Why do people believe organic content is dead?

We all know that the world of digital content is incredibly saturated. And as a result, it can be hard to get much of a reaction out of anything organic when planning social. Many businesses have given up with organic content all together and have chosen to put all their eggs in the advertising basket instead. Sure, social media platforms are a fantastic place for raising brand awareness and getting attention from new potential customers. But is the craving for higher engagement really worth ditching the multiple benefits of organic content? We say no, no it isn't. organic content 2

Here’s why organic content is still alive and kicking

It’ll strengthen the bond with your existing audience

Paid advertising often takes preference over organic content due to a craving for higher engagement levels and brand new leads. But let’s not forget the value of organic content when it comes to nurturing your existing audience and giving value to those who do look at your page (even if that’s not many). Organic content is the perfect way to stay in touch with your current audience, ensuring customer loyalty and reinforcing your brand persona. A Social media management stystem can help you plan and get organised with your organic content plan.

It’ll make your brand look more credible

Think of organic content as the foundations of your social media brand page, it is the main focus when it comes to your social media plan. If you run an ad, people are likely to take a look at your social media page before making a purchase or completing your call to action. But if your social media page hasn’t posted anything since 2012 then it’s hardly making the best impression. Organic content doesn’t need to be your absolute priority, but it’s important to keep it going to maintain a good impression, give your brand a personality, and give value to those who do click on your page. Finding a really efficient social media posting schedule will also help get you focused and organised.

Just because it’s trickier doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing

Let’s just remind ourselves that organic content is FREE and not completely ineffective. With a little know-how you can still squeeze some juice out of your organic content by jumping on trending topics, capitalising on user generated content, or even testing potential paid media content to see how it performs before pennies behind the concept.

It’s fantastic for SEO

If you want to grow your online presence in general you need to put the work into your SEO strategy, also helping the correct social media automation tool can also helps boost your social media traffic to help with your seo efforts . It doesn’t matter if your competitors have been around longer, have more backlinks, or greater domain authority; everyone has got to start somewhere and your organic content can and will help you progress. Furthermore, sharing your content on social media will drive traffic to your site and help your brand look better in Google’s eyes.

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