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Don't have a content calendar? Here's why you need one

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
3rd April 2018
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There are two types of people in this world; those who plan, and those who ‘wing it’. But when it comes to social media marketing, if you’re not a fan of a plan (or a social media content calendar), then you’d better turn into one.

Veterans of the digital marketing world will know the sheer and undeniable importance of a content calendar. As a place to social media plan and create upcoming content, it’s necessity is not to be underestimated. Here’s why:


It goes without saying, but a content calendar is going to keep your content marketing efforts organised, focused, and in line with company goals. Once you have a defined content marketing strategy in place, you’ll be able to work with content calendar tools to map out your upcoming themes, and begin gradually preparing your content. You can even leave notes and ideas on future dates to come back to and develop later on.

With a visual calendar layout, you’re also much less likely to become stressed and overwhelmed when tackling your content. Furthermore, it’ll act as a huge time-saver by reducing procrastination and enabling your creativity to flow more freely. Make sure you invest time to ensure you have the right social media management platform in place for your content planning efforts.

User of spreadsheets? When you’re managing multiple clients or sub-brands, it’s easy for things to start getting a little cluttered. If you’re looking for a social media automation tool, ContentCal can allow for multiple content calendars to be kept separated on one centralised account. content calendar 4

Quality Content

Once you’ve removed some of the stress that comes with content creation, you’ll be able to spend more time focussing on what’s really important; creating quality content that your audience will enjoy.

Working within a calendar schedule template or a 'content calendar' it can go a long way to ensuring that your content themes are varied to stop your content becoming stagnant, and keep your audience interested. Once your plans for upcoming content are laid out in a visual format, it’s easy to see where the gaps are in your content planning, what posts are needed where, and if there’s any repetition. Having a calendar of content or social media calendar template will also help your team to spot errors and mistakes by keeping an eye on upcoming content. And if you’re making use of ContentCal? Our colour coded category tags are great for keeping an eye on your content themes, making a social media marketing plan critical.

Collaborate on your social media calendar template

When everyone in your team is working from one centralised content calendar, or some may choose to use social media management app, but we advise a calendar, it unites your marketing team or agency, and their content marketing approach. With shared visibility over the upcoming content, everyone will be able to see the progress of new campaigns, and make plans for any future key dates. Having a content calendar makes collaboration so much more efficient and keeps your marketing department focused and striving towards the same goals and objectives.

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Master your content

If you’re constantly staying ahead of the curve, and keeping aware of key dates and events, then you can ensure that a great opportunity for content never goes un-missed. Planning far enough in advance can even enable you to fake agility by jumping on soon-to-be-trending events such as Pancake Day, Christmas, or the Wimbledon Finale and raise brand awareness as a result. A social media posting schedule looking into key dates really helps.

If you’re always looking ahead you’ll also have more time to prepare some really great content. Go the extra mile and prepare some fun graphics to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (if it’s relevant to your brand) and an idea for a seasonal campaign might even come to fruition.

Here’s how ContentCal can help you master your content calendar

While beginners might automatically look to spreadsheets to help them through their content marketing mission, with social media planning tools like ContentCal can be a really great alternative. Simple, intuitive, and un-intimidating, ContentCal comes with zero learning curve and can save you hours of time in the average week. Ever heard of social media marketing automation?

Quick fire round. ContentCal’s got -

  • Placeholder posts
  • Channel notes
  • Campaign management
  • Analytics
  • Approval workflows
  • Automated link shortening
  • A visual calendar layout with colour-coded content
  • Auto-publishing to social channels
  • Category tags for content
  • Custom planning channels
  • Collaborative features

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