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Why you need ContentCal: Solving the top 9 challenges faced by social media managers

Blog Post Author – Kirsty
16th January 2020

“The biggest room in the world, is the room for improvement” - Helmut Schmidt

A social media tool? Well, we don’t need one of those. We’re perfectly happy chugging along using email and spreadsheets.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes you can get so accustomed to working in one specific way, that you begin to ignore the minor inconveniences that disrupt and slow you down day-to-day. You may have a system in place already when it comes to social media marketing that works for you, but if you’re not making use of a social media tool such as ContentCal we can guarantee that you’re not being as efficient or organized as you possibly could be.

Let us show you the benefits of using a social media tool by assessing the most common social media marketing pain-points, and how using a tool such as ContentCal could make your life a whole lot easier.

Your social media marketing pain-points and their solutions

The problem: You can never find your assets when you need them

We all have overflowing Google Drives, Dropbox folders, and countless files with ambiguous titles. You’d be surprised how much time you waste rummaging through your computer looking for one specific file.

The solution: The Pinboard and Content Hub

Store assets and media in ContentCal’s Pinboard, ready to drag and drop into the Content Calendar whenever you need them. Alternatively, add these assets to your Library within Content Hub where you can filter and search to track down what you need.

Content Hub

The problem: Content is low quality

Find it hard to plan ahead? If you’re not using a visual tool like ContentCal then we’re not really surprised. If you’re creating content ‘on the fly’ and posting it as soon as it’s ready then your stuff might not always be the highest in quality.

The solution: ContentCal’s many content planning features

From Draft posts to Category Tags, the Pinboard to the Content Hub, there are so many areas in ContentCal that you can use to plan and perfect your content. ContentCal’s intuitive and visual nature also makes the task itself so much less intimidating. Use Draft posts and Category Tags to gradually prepare and organize your content. Use the Pinboard and Content Hub (and even the Notebook) to store future posts or ideas without needing to choose a channel or publish date.

The problem: The occasional mistake gets published

We’re human. We make mistakes, we make typos, use incorrect information, publish the wrong post, etc. etc. But there is a way to avoid all of these little annoying errors.

The solution: Approval Workflows

ContentCal’s Approval Workflows mean that all posts must be vetted and approved by specific members of your team before the post can go live. You can even ask our team to enable Advanced Approval Workflows to allow for multiple layers of approval, effectively eliminating the risk of errors.

Advanced Approval Workflows

The problem: Native publishing is tedious

Are you natively publishing to your social media channels? Natively publishing is not only incredibly tedious but is also hugely time-consuming and increases the risk of human error.

The solution: Auto-publishing

Connect your social media channels to your Content Calendar, approve your posts, and then you’re good to go. ContentCal will publish your posts at your chosen time and date so that you don’t have to.

Native Publishing

The problem: Issues with version control

So you’ve finished drafting the social media content and you’re waiting for approval. Somebody might ask for an edit, you might make a new version, somebody else might request a different edit, and before you know it you’ve got 6 versions of the same post and nobody is sure which one is the final version.

The solution: Comments and Approval Workflows

After you’ve created your post within ContentCal, clients or members of your team can leave comments on individual posts. Depending on their User Permissions, they may even be able to make edits themselves. Once everyone is happy with the post, the relevant people will be able to simply approve the post at the click of a button. This will leave you with one final post that is ready to be published.

The problem: Feedback can be confusing

If you need post approval from other members of your team, or from external clients, it can be tricky to gather and interpret feedback, especially if it’s coming in the form of a confusing and long-winded email thread.

The solution: Comments

Stop the confusion by using Comments in ContentCal. Clients or team members can leave comments on individual posts, keeping all feedback in context. You can even @ mention members of the Calendar to send an email notification, or choose to make your comments invisible to clients.


The problem: The team doesn’t have a view over the entire marketing plan

You might have various spreadsheets or documents, all for slightly different marketing purposes. Your team might find it confusing to check multiple sources in order to get an understand of the entire marketing plan.

The solution: The Visual Calendar View + Custom Planning Channels

Thanks to ContentCal’s visual Calendar View, your entire team has a shared view over all upcoming content and are able to clearly see what is going out and when. You can even transform your Calendar into a complete marketing hub by adding Custom Planning Channels to plan for other content such as blogs, emails, and more.

Visual Calendar View

The problem: You can’t tell how content is performing

Whether you’re regularly checking up on your posts to see likes and comments, or digging deeper into the social channels’ analytics for a closer idea on performance, it’s not always easy to get a bird’s eye view over content performance as a whole.

The solution: ContentCal’s Analytics

ContentCal Analytics can gather all of your data information together in one easily accessible location. Find out not only how your audience and engagement levels are growing, but also discover further insights such as your best times to post and top-performing content. Filter your analytics by Category Tag for a closer look at specific content themes.


The problem: It’s hard to keep up with community management

Do not underestimate the importance of quality customer service on social media. Your audience expects to receive a timely response to all social media queries, and will quickly lose faith in your business if you take longer than a couple of hours to reply. For those of you managing one or more social media channels, it can be tough to live up to these standards.

The solution: ContentCal’s community management tool, Respond

ContentCal Respond gathers Facebook and Twitter DM’s, Twitter replies, and Facebook comments into one clear and simple inbox, so you can speedily respond to all social media queries without needing to leave ContentCal.


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