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Discovering the power of social media

Comline + ContentCal

comline customer story

Industry: Automotive Supplier Favorite feature: Approval Workflows

The old way Before working with ContentCal, Comline had a fairly relaxed attitude towards social media in general. They weren’t using any kind of social media management tool and didn’t fully realise the value of social media for growing a business.

The new way with ContentCal Comline became aware of ContentCal via word of mouth, noticing the success that a friend of the company had seen using ContentCal.

This success really opened Comline’s eyes to the value in social media and so they began working with ContentCal in an effort to increase brand awareness, grow their social following, and improve the quality of their social media presence.

Since using ContentCal, Comline have seen an increase in their following, reach, page likes, and social media inquiries.

Over the last 6 months, Comline’s followers have increased by 209%, reach has increased by 756%, they are now averaging an additional 300 page likes per week, and are seeing an influx of inquiries via Facebook.

“Working in the automotive aftermarket for a hard parts brand I was sceptical about the value of social media but ContentCal have shown us the way and very much opened our eyes. Social media now forms an integral part of our business and will do in the years to come. ContentCal have been the driving force behind our social media journey to date.” - Leigh Davies, Head of Marketing, Comline

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