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How to Create One Weeks' Content in 30 Minutes

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Andy is the Director of Growth at ContentCal and a content strategy expert, known for his monthly roundups and regular speaker slots at marketing events across the country. Andy has over 10 years’ experience in creating markets, building profitable businesses, and leadership roles in industry-leading SaaS organizations.

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The main three reasons people struggle to create good social media content are: lack of time, lack of ideas, and fear of failure.

It's a well-known statistic that 70% of people make a purchasing decision before contacting a supplier.

One of the biggest social media misconceptions is the fact it's seen as a conversion-orientated activity, designed to drive sales. The real power of social is its ability to reach huge audiences. Social media represents an opportunity to drive influence at scale.

Creating your social media content right doesn't have to be a complex process. In fact, there are only three key elements to creating quick and effective content:

  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Calculation

Let’s take a closer look...


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Social media provides the opportunity to humanize a brand and build authenticity. It also you become known for 'something' - however you should be clear on what that something is!

Content themes will help you communicate what your brand stands for and what you want to be known for. For example, a coffee shop might include ‘location’ (focusing on what’s happening in the local area), ‘sustainability’ and ‘health and wellness' within its content themes. You can choose your themes through research, or simply by being sure of the topics your audience is interested in.

Content creation

The easiest way to kick off the content creation process is with templates. Content themes can help build content templates. Select a particular theme to talk about each day or each week, and assigning a set content format (e.g video, listicle, meme etc) to each theme.

A good idea for smaller businesses is to join forces with other small businesses who are also trying to build up their profiles. You can then like and share content that is also relevant to your audience. It allows you to try new ideas and learn what works for you while sharing the risk of posts underperforming.

ContentCal makes it really easy to create templates for social your posts within the Content Hub Library. (Note, when you press ‘Use Content’ to use one of the templates, they remain in your Library to use again next week).

If you’re in need of some further content inspiration, download our key social media dates calendar for 2021!

Content curation

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Capturing inspiration the moment it strikes helps speed up creativity. Using ContentCal's Web Clipper browser extension, you can easily share and save inspiration to your Library on ContentCal.

Web Clipper can also be used on mobile allowing you to save interesting articles and links to the Library, even when on the move.

This gives you a personal space to collect content ideas, in one place, without having to share them with anyone else until you are ready. You can come back to them easily whenever you want to.


The best ideas are created together! Gaining inspiration from others is critical to creating varried content with a wide appea. ContentCal’s Contributions feature helps fill your Library with input and inspiration from others within your business - and event customers too.


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ContentCal's Category Tags can be added to your posts to color-code content in line with content themes. These Category Tags also help with the understanding of content works well. They are also great for dividing your content up and making sure you have a nice balance of themes in your calendar.

You can also use Category Tags to filter Analytics to assess content performance and understand which posts have been identified as ‘top performing’.

Knowing what posts perform well is an ideal way to prioritize which content you should start reusing and repurposing. It gives you a great foundation for future content plans.

For even more inspiration, check out our list of 42 new social media posts you should try!

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