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Bringing effie to life - Customer Story

Effie + ContentCal

The inventors of effie, an automated ironing machine, came to ContentCal with a prototype product, and the ambition to change the face of ironing as we know it.

While ContentCal’s mission was to develop a recognizable brand and identity for effie, our primary goal was to achieve ‘register your interest’ sign-ups from their website. This would allow effie to gather the investment needed for them to transform the effie prototype into a fully functioning ironing machine, ready to go to market.


We first started working with effie back in February 2017. Our team of creative enthusiasts and marketing experts met with effie to host a creative workshop in which we learned all about the inventors, witnessed the effie product, and got the ball rolling on what would later become effie’s brand identity. Essentially, effie was born.


ContentCal also provided excellent, quick, and agile community management across effie’s social channels ensuring a quick response to comments from the vitality of the video campaign.

As a result of ContentCal’s efforts and enthusiasm for the effie brand and launch, we achieved 125,325 sign-up from all paid and organic activity within just 1 month.


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