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How Karina Scott saved her agency 5 hours per week

Girl About Social + ContentCal

Karina Scott was a freelance social media marketer for almost a year when she lost one of her contracts in March amidst the coronavirus pandemic. During this time, she noticed that so many businesses were looking for marketers but didn't have the budget to employ someone at a senior level. As a result, she decided to start her own Boutique Agency, Girl About Social, to work with small to medium-sized businesses. This allows her to offer her experience at an affordable cost while also allowing her to work on the brands/projects that she's truly passionate about.


The old way

Karina had been using an excel spreadsheet to plan out her content. She would add reminders to her phone for the specific dates and times that her updates would need to be posted, and she would then proceed to copy and paste content from a spreadsheet to the social media networks. The process itself was clunky and time-consuming, especially when she was using different software to her clients.

"ContentCal has allowed me to improve processes, take less time, improve client satisfaction, and has allowed me to have the time to take on more clients."

Karina Scott, Founder and Director

The new way with ContentCal

Karina was drawn to ContentCal for many reasons. She enjoyed the clear, simple, and sleek interface, the ongoing customer support - as well as her dedicated account manager, and she appreciated how simple it was to get set up and add clients to their Calendars. Karina also found ContentCal to be very cost-effective as you can choose between a variety of packages and plans depending on your specific business needs.

Since adopting ContentCal, she has been able to work collaboratively with her clients by enabling them to see all content, add comments, and approve her posts. Karina now manages all her clients from within ContentCal and this really helps her to stay organized and on track.

"After first showing my clients ContentCal, they immediately ‘got it’ and they loved the ability to see what’s happening and also for them to be able to contribute content if they so wish."

Karina Scott, Founder and Director

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