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Adapting to our Instagram Auto-publishing update

How to adapt if you've been using ContentCal to publish Instagram content prior to our February 2021 update.

Is this guide for me?

If you were using ContentCal for publishing to Instagram prior to February 2021, you may have been using a combination of our mobile app and/or a Zapier integration to successfully publish your Instagram content from ContentCal. If so, this guide explains what you need to do to streamline your Calendar and your publishing process in line with this recent update.

If you began using ContentCal for publishing to Instagram after our February 2021 update (in which we were granted the ability to automatically publish Instagram content), you won't need to complete the steps within this doc.

What you need to do

  1. It is essential that you refresh your Instagram connection to make use of Instagram automatic publishing. To do so, head into the 'Setup' area of your Calendar to find your Instagram connection within the 'Connections' area. Until you complete this step, your posts will continue to be sent to the mobile app for publication instead.
  2. Keep in mind that Instagram auto-publishing is only for Instagram Business Accounts. If you are posting to an Instagram personal profile, your posts will still need to be published using the mobile app. This is due to a limitation in Instagram's API. To switch to an Instagram Business profile, check out these instructions.
  3. If you were previously making use of a Zapier integration to publish your Instagram content via a Custom Planning Channel, you will no longer need to make use of this channel. We recommend that you head into the 'Setup' area of your Calendar and remove this Custom Planning Channel to avoid confusion later on. We would also recommend turning any 'Zaps' you have set to 'Off' to prevent any duplicate posting. If you have upcoming content scheduled in this channel, either duplicate your content to the main Instagram channel in your Calendar, or complete this third step only after your content has published.

NOTE: If no action is taken, your Instagram posts will continue to go to the mobile app.

For more information on how publishing and scheduling to Instagram works, check out our guide...

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