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Advanced Analytics explained

Advanced Analytics is our more comprehensive analytics offering for those who need an extra level of detail to assess their audience, competitors, and overall content performance.

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Note: Advanced Analytics is discontinued for new customers as of May 9th 2022

How to use Advanced Analytics

Granting access to your team

Once Advanced Analytics has been added to your Calendar(s) you can pick and choose which members of your team have access to Advanced Analytics. If a member of your team has access to your Calendar, this does not necessarily mean that they have access to the 'Advanced Analytics' tab.

To grant access to your Analytics you will need to head to the Dashboard, and then select 'Invite + Manage People' for your Organization. You will need to click on the User you would like to grant access to, and then beside the relevant Calendar, you'll need to switch the toggle on to grant access to Advanced Analytics.

Connecting your channels

To connect your channels, head to the 'Brand Settings' option on the bottom left of your screen. From here, you can connect your channels to view Analytics for your website, Facebook Page, Twitter account, Instagram professional account, LinkedIn Page, Pinterest account, Youtube account, Twitch account, TikTok account, TikTok Ads account, Facebook Ads account, and Google Ads account.


From within this area, you can also edit your brand settings by entering your company name + choosing a profile image.

If you need to view Analytics for multiple of the same channel (for example, if you have two LinkedIn accounts), you will need to set up another Calendar to add these additional channels. You will be limited to one of each available connection per Calendar. To find out more, get in touch at

Viewing your analytics

Once your channels are connected, you can view all of your analytical information by selecting the individual channels from the lefthand menu. The specific information available for each channel will vary slightly; this is due to differences in the information available from the channels themselves. Select the available options at the top to skip to the sections that interest you the most.

You can view data for a variety of date ranges with a maximum date range of the last 12 months. Click on the date range selector at the top right of your Analytics area to change the range.


When viewing the information available, you can hover over certain graphs and charts to view more detail. You can also choose to view some of the charts in a table format instead; to do so, simply select the 'View table' option in the right-hand corner of the chart.

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The available information within some of the tables can also be customized by selecting the 'Column' option to pick and choose what data appears in your table.

If you wish to export any specific section of Analytics, many come with the option to 'Download CSV'. Alternatively, full reports can be generated within the 'Reports' area.

Reporting on results

Advanced Analytics enables you to generate customize and branded PPT or PDF reports. You can also choose for this report to be generated and emailed to you completely automatically each month.

Head into the 'Reports' area on the bottom lefthand side of your screen. From within here, you can choose which channels to include in your report, the month of the report, and other customization options. You can also set a company logo which will appear on all of your reports.


If you want your report to be automatically recurring on a monthly basis, you can switch the toggle to on, at the bottom of this area, enter the email address you'd like reports to be sent to, and then save your settings.


Adding Competitors

Competitor analysis is available for the following channels; Facebook Pages, Instagram professional accounts, and Twitter accounts.

To make use of this feature, head to your channel of choice and scroll down to the 'Competitors' section. Select the 'Add' button to add your competitors to this area, selecting the exact profile of your competitor.

Once added, you'll be able to some top-level data for each competitor for the selected date range, allowing you to compare your results with that of your competition.


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Advanced Analytics FAQs

What channels can I view data for with Advanced Analytics?

Your website, Facebook Page, Twitter account, Instagram professional account, LinkedIn account, Youtube account, Twitch account, TikTok Ads account, Facebook Ads account, and Google Ads account

Does Advanced Analytics show me any data for paid media?

Yes - you can view analytics for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and TikTok Ads.

Can I have monthly reports automatically sent to multiple email addresses?

No - you will need to enter just the one email address to receive the report each month. This person can then share the report with the rest of the team

What does Advanced Analytics offer me versus the Standard Analytics?

Advanced Analytics allows you to see much more detail regarding the performance of your marketing channels as well as collect data from channels such as TikTok Ads, Google Ads, etc. that are not available as options with our Standard Analytics.

Not only are you able to see the exact detail behind your content performance, but you can also view insights on your audience, as well as your competitors. You can also generate fully branded and customizable reports, and have them emailed to you automatically each month.

Can I view Analytics for more than one of the same channel?

Yes - but you will need another Calendar in order to do so. You will be limited to one of each channel per Calendar. For more information, get in touch at

How is reach calculated for Facebook and Instagram?

Instagram, for example, only provides the total for the last 7 days and 28 days, but not for a specific month or for a set of posts. For this reason, when the reach per post is received, it's hard to identify is a certain user is included in the reach of several posts or not. This means that if we add the reach of all posts, it will be higher than your actual reach.

To be more accurate, the metrics we display are average reach per day (the reach added from your account divided by the number of days in the period), average reach per post (the reach added from your posts divded by the number of posts in the period), and reach per Story (the reach added from your stories divided by the number of stories in the period).

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Note: Reach is available for Instagram for paid and organic posts

How far back does the data go?

If available, data can be shown for the last 12 months at maximum. However, from the moment of sign-up your data will be backfilled by 2 months only.

Does it matter where the content was published from?

No - your content does not need to have been published through ContentCal in order for your results and posts to appear in your Analytics.

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