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Adding alt text

How to add alt text to your ContentCal posts and make your content more accessible to those with visual impairments

What is alt text?

Alt text is copy that describes the image you're using in your social media post. Alt text is designed to make your content more accessible for those with visual impairments who use the alt text to understand what is happening in the image.

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Note: Alt text can be added to images and gifs, but not video media

Adding alt text to posts

Within ContentCal, alt text can be added to any of your social media posts, Custom Planning Channel posts, and any Content Hub posts. Alt text cannot, however, be added to your Articles.

Although alt text can be added to all of your social media posts, it's not possible for us to publish alt text for any Instagram posts.

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Note: The amount of characters you can add for alt text is 420. However, you should aim to write your alt text in a little characters as possible to make it easier and quicker for screen readers to read.

When you upload an image to your ContentCal post, you'll see a '...' option appear at the top right corner of your image. Upon selecting this, you'll see the option to 'Add alt text'.


A new modal will open that allows you to add your alt text for this image. Remember to press save once you're done.


Once alt text has been added, your image will display on your post with a 'T' icon and you'll be able to read the alt text by hovering over this 'T'.


To make edits to your alt text, simply go back to the '...' menu on your image and select the 'Add alt text' option again.

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