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Analytics explained

ContentCal Analytics can give insight into how your social media content is performing and where you could improve in the future.

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Note: Standard Analytics is available on all paid plans. Advanced Analytics (Analyze+) is our more comprehensive offering and can be added to any of our paid plans as a bolt-on at an additional cost. To find out more, get in touch at

Your Analytics can be viewed by heading to the 'Analyze' or 'Analyze+' tab within your Calendar.

This guide focuses on how to use our standard Analytics offering. For information on how to use Advanced Analytics, read this guide instead.

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Advanced Analytics explained

Here's the rundown on how to use ContentCal Analytics -

Analytics FAQ's

What is 'Total Audience' in the 'All' tab?

This section shows the sum of all profiles connected to the account. This can mean followers or fans depending on the social channel.

What is meant by 'Last period'

In regards to the information at the top of the Analytics page (Total Audience, Engagement, etc.), 'Last period' is relevant to the period you have selected. If you were to select to show 'Last 30 days' this would mean that the statistics you are seeing are for the last 30 days, and the previous period would be the 30 days before this.

What is 'Engagements'?

This is the sum of all 'engagements' on your account. Depending on the channel, this can include comments, likes, shares, etc. This is a summary of actions that have been taken on your published content.

What is the logic behind 'Best time to post'?

This information is based on the amount of engagement received by your content in relation to the time it was published. For example, if you were to send a post at 2pm, and it were to receive many comments, shares, likes, etc. this would indicate that 2pm is the best time to post.

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