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Articles Explained

Discover how to use Articles to plan and create your long-form marketing content such as blogs, press releases, newsletters, and more. Get started now.

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Note: Articles is available on the Advanced plan and above. If you'd like to upgrade, please get in touch via or by using the Live Chat within your account.

Articles allows you to plan and create long-form marketing content in ContentCal such as blogs, press releases, newsletters, and more.

This text-editor is available as an option for Custom Planning Channels, only.

Using the Articles tab

The tab will host every Article you are working on, or have worked on in the past. You can use this area to draft and store all of your Article content. Depending on their User Permissions, your team will be able to view, edit, and comment on your Article post from within this area.

If you need your Article to be approved by other members of the team, you will need to add this Article to your Calendar (and assign it to a Custom Planning Channel). Adding your Article to the Calendar will not remove it from the Articles tab.

If you have a number of Articles in this area, you can use the filters and sorting options to find your content.


Adding Articles to the Calendar

Article posts can only be assigned to Custom Planning Channels. Before you can add Articles to the Calendar, you must head into 'Setup' from within the 'Publish' area, and create a Custom Planning Channel. When creating this Custom Planning Channel you will be asked to choose a text-editor for this channel. You will need to select the 'Rich Text' option in order to add Article content to this channel.

See more on Custom Planning Channels...

๐Ÿ“ซ How to use Publish
Planning Channels Explained

Once your Planning Channel has been created, you can now create new Article content from the Calendar, or add existing Articles to the Calendar. To add existing Articles to the Calendar, head to the Articles tab, select your chosen Article, and switch on the toggle for 'Add to Calendar'. Fill in the details that appear on-screen to dictate where your Article will appear in your Calendar.


Creating your Article

There are two ways in which you can create an Article post. You can either head to the Articles tab and select to '+ New Article', or you can create your Article post directly within the Calendar by selecting the '+ New Article' option above the Pinboard, or by hovering over a relevant Planning Channel.

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Note: All Articles, even those created directly within the Calendar, will still appear within the Articles tab.

When working on your Article, you'll notice that you have the option to 'Save' your work in the top right corner. If the toggle is switched on for your post to be added to the Calendar, then you'll also see additional options in the sidebar allowing you to either send your content for approval or approve it yourself (depending on your User Permissions).

The following information explains each field in the sidebar in more detail...

Add to Calendar

This toggle allows you to choose whether your Article post appears in your Calendar, in addition to appearing in the Articles tab. Once this toggle has been switched to 'on' you will then be able to fill in a number of other fields to continue scheduling your post.

Select channels

Use this section to choose which channel you would like to add your Article post to in your Calendar. You will only be able to add your Article post to Custom Planning Channels using the 'Rich Text' text-editor. If you do not have any Custom Planning Channels using this text-editor type then you'll need to create one first. You can add your Article to just one Custom Planning Channel from this area. However, once your Article has been added to your channel, you can then go into the Calendar to duplicate it to other channels.

Publish Date

Enter the date that you intend for your content to be published. (Note: It may not be possible to auto-publish this content via ContentCal)

Publish Time

Use this area to enter the time of day that you intend for your post to be published.

If you select the dropdown arrow, you can choose a publish time from a list of Preset Publishing Times. These Preset Publishing Times can be created from the 'Setup' area within the 'Publish' tab. Pressing the 'Randomize' button will randomly allocate a Publish Time to your post. (Note: It may not be possible to auto-publish this content via ContentCal)

Category Tags

Add Category Tags to your post to label it by topic or theme. Select to add a Category Tag and choose 1 or more of your Tags from the dropdown menu. These Category Tags will need to be created from the 'Setup' area within the 'Publish' section.


Give feedback by commenting on a post. @ mention members of the Calendar to notify them of your comment via email.

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