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Best time to post explained (Standard Analytics)

Your Best time to post is a chart available within our Standard Analytics offering designed to show you your best times to post. Here’s how it’s calculated.

This guide is for customers who signed up to ContentCal after the 2nd March 2022. Users who signed up before the 2nd March 2022, will not yet have access to this version of our standard analytics offering. If you signed up before the 2nd March, you will need this help doc instead.

What is Best time to post?

This chart is designed to show you the optimum time to publish your content based on your engagement levels at particular publishing times. When hovering over the chart, the numbers you will see are a calculation of the total count of engagements your posts have received (likes + comments + clicks, etc.) within a given timeframe, divided by the total number of posts in that period.

best time to post screenshot 1

Best time to post screenshot 2

Because your engagement is specific to each channel, this chart will not appear in the aggregated summary view.

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Note: Do note, that the times within the Best time to post chart are in UTC timezone. You may need to calculate what this means for you based on the timezone that you are publishing from.

How is it calculated?

ContentCal produces this chart by analyzing the average engagement per post, using data from the last four weeks (total engagement achieved in a given time slot divided per the number of posts published in that timeframe). To find the best slots for higher engagement, we recommend experimenting with your publishing times. Changing the time frame of analysis will not apply to this metric as the data will always reflect the last four weeks.

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Note: Engagement is defined as the count of interactions that happen on posts such as likes and comments on Facebook.

By default, the data will display in a 12hr format. This can be changed by heading into your profile settings (to find your profile settings, select the avatar icon at the top right of ContentCal).

If you can’t view any data for this chart...

If you are using ContentCal’s Standard Analytics and are unable to see your Best time to post, you may not have published enough content for us to have the necessary data to display the chart. As an alternative, we recommend reading our best times to post on social media in 2022 guide for some general industry advice.

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