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I can't connect to my social profiles

How to resolve any issues with connecting to your social media profiles.

What to check if you're having trouble connecting

1) Make sure that you're logged into the appropriate social media profile on your browser. ContentCal will connect to whichever account you are currently logged in as.

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Top tip: If you're having trouble connecting to Instagram, the above point 1 is most likely the reason why. Please head to to login to the desired account before restarting the connection process.

2) If you're trying to connect to a Facebook Page, make sure you are an 'Admin' of the Page. You can check this by going to the Page within Facebook, selecting 'Settings' and then 'Page roles'.

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Warning: We cannot connect to Facebook Profiles, only Pages or Groups

3) If you're trying to connect to an Instagram Business profile, make sure you are an 'Admin' of the Facebook Page that is linked to this Instagram account.

4) Try connecting through an incognito tab - you will be prompted for your login details to ensure you are connected to the correct account.

5) Try clearing your cookies and check that there are no pending software updates on your computer.

6) For Facebook, Instagram Business profiles, and LinkedIn, it's possible that you may not have given ContentCal all the necessary permissions to access your account. Skip to the relevant section below to resolve permission issues with LinkedIn and Facebook.

7) If you are having trouble connecting to a Google My Business Location, please check that your Location is verified and that you are either Primary Owner, Owner, or a Manager of this Location.

Check out our full comprehensive guide on connecting to Google My Business

๐Ÿ”Œ Connecting Social Profiles
Connecting a Google My Business Location

To resolve a permission issues with LinkedIn...

1) Click on your profile, select 'Settings and Privacy', select 'Partners and Services' and then 'Permitted Services'.

2) Within this list you need to find ContentCal (it may be named something like CC-dev) and click 'remove'.

3) You should then be able to reconnect to LinkedIn in ContentCal (taking care to accept all permissions this time). You'll also need to Disconnect and Reconnect to any LinkedIn Pages that were connected to other Calendars through the same LinkedIn account.

To resolve a permissions issue with Facebook...

1) Please head to your Facebook Business settings here If this link doesn't work for you you'll need to instead go to 'Settings & Privacy' - 'Settings' - 'Security and login' (on the left-hand side).

2) Click on Adobe Creative Cloud Express app and make sure that everything is ticked.

To resolve a permission issues with Instagram (for Business Profiles only)...

1) Press 'Connect' from within Setup, and select to 'Connect a business profile'.

2) From the next pop-up modal, select to 'Edit Settings'.

3) Process through the modals, taking care to 'Select All' and the affirmative at every stage to grant ContentCal permission to publish and connect to your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

4) Once complete, you should be able to select your desired Instagram Business profile from the dropdown menu.

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