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Connecting a Google My Business Location

How to connect a Google My Business Location to ContentCal.

Checks to carry out before connecting

Before connecting, we recommend you perform 2 checks to ensure posts are published successfully.

1) Check your Location is verified

In order to publish to Google My Business, your Location must first be verified by Google. You can check the verification of your Location(s) here:


If you have up to 9 Locations in your Business Account, here's how to verify your Locations:

If you have 10 or more Locations in your Business account, you will need to bulk verify the Locations. Google explains how to do this here:

2) Check your permissions

  1. Go to the Google My Business Management Page
  2. Select the Location you wish to connect
  3. Select Users on the left hand side panel


  1. The Manage Permissions modal will open. Please ensure you are either a Primary Owner, an Owner, or a Manager of this Location


Once enabled, and the two checks above have been carried out, follow the steps below to connect your Google My Business Location to ContentCal.

How to to connect your Google My Business Location to ContentCal

  1. Head into a ContentCal Calendar and go to the Setup area. Press the Connect button for Google My Business.
  2. Sign into your Google account (this Google account must be a user of the Google My Business account)
  3. Allow permissions
  4. Pick the Google My Business account
  5. Select the Location that you want to connect
  6. Give your Location a short name - this will make it easier to identify this particular Location within ContentCal. We recommend using a part of the address, e.g. London

Why is my Google My Business Location not appearing in the Location dropdown?

If your Google My Business Location isn't appearing as an option in the Dropdown to connect to, please check the following...

Is your Location verified?

In order to post to Google My Business, your Location must first be verified by Google. You can check the verification of the Location here:

Does your Business have 10 or more Locations?

If you are posting via a Business Account that has 10 or more Locations, you will need to request bulk verification to ensure all your Locations are verified.

Does your Business have 100 or more Locations?

Due to restrictions with the Google My Business API, we cannot pull more than 100 Locations into the dropdown. To work around this, you could split your Locations between different Google accounts.

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