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How to use the ContentCal Inspiration Calendar

The ContentCal inspiration calendar gives you the opportunity to experience a ContentCal account that is full of content - and helps to kick-start your creativity. You are also welcome to make use of this content in your own calendar.

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Note: This content has been created by ContentCal and is free for you to use - but please be aware that many others also have access to this content.

Accessing the inspiration calendar

Inspiration Calendar Tutorial.mp4 from Andy Lambert on Vimeo.

To request access to the inspiration calendar, just click the ‘👍’ button on this banner message and the ContentCal team will grant you access. Alternatively, if you received an email from us offering you acccess to the inspiration calendar, you will need to reply to this email and request access.

inspiration calendar screenshot 1

Once your access has been granted (please allow up to 48 hours for this to happen), you’ll see an email notification saying that you have been invited to the ‘Inspiration Calendar Organization’

inspiration calendar screenshot 2

When you click the button in this email, you’ll be taken back to ContentCal and you’ll notice that there is now an ‘Inspiration Calendar’ within the Home area of your account.

If you click into the ‘Inspiration Calendar’ you will see the following...

inspiration calendar screenshot 3

You can view the content in the ‘week’, ‘month’ or ‘list’ view. We recommend the List and Week views to get the best picture of the content and supporting images. In the week and month views, we’ve also provided upcoming national days, with associated hashtags so you don’t miss any content opportunities

How to use the content

To use this content in your own calendar,  just duplicate your chosen posts by right-clicking and selecting ‘duplicate.’

inspiration calendar screenshot 4

On the post creation screen, deselect ‘Inspiration calendar’ from the checkboxes and then select the calendar you’d like to add the duplicated content to.

You can select multiple channels to add this post to, choose the date you’d like to publish on, and make edits to the copy (you can do this later too).

inspiration calendar screenshot 5

Repeat this process with as many posts as you wish, to fill up your calendar.

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Note: Please avoid adding content to the Inspiration Calendar as it is a shared resource

Once you’ve added your posts, return to your own calendar by toggling through the calendar switcher at the top of the screen.

inspiration calendar screenshot 6

Or by pressing the ‘ContentCal’ logo in the top left and returning to the ‘Home’ screen.

inspiration calendar screenshot 7

inspiration calendar screenshot 8

Return to the inspiration calendar whenever you're stuck for ideas and in need of inspiration! The content is ever-evolving.

If you have any questions or require further support, please get in touch with us at

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