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How to add your ContentCal Diploma to LinkedIn

How to add your ContentCal Skills Diploma or your Agency Skills Diploma to your LinkedIn profile.

If you've completed either the ContentCal Skills Diploma course, or the Agency Skills Diploma course you can now show off your ContentCal and content marketing expertise by adding your certification to your LinkedIn profile.

To do so, simply navigate to your LinkedIn profile, head to the 'Licenses & certifications' area, and then select '+' to add your new certification.

The name of the certificate will either be 'The ContentCal Skills Diploma' or 'The Agency Skills Diploma' and the issuing organization is 'ContentCal'. Our diplomas don't expire so simply enter the month + year that you completed the course and then leave the rest of the fields blank.

And if we haven't already said it; congratulations on completing the course!

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