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Setting a custom video thumbnail and video title for Facebook

If you post videos to your Facebook Page, you can now enter a video title and select a custom thumbnail from a frame in the video.

To select a custom video thumbnail, click into the video thumbnail from the Post Modal, pause your video at the frame you want to use, then click the Use current frame as video thumbnail button.

To add a custom video title, upload your video to your ContentCal post. You should then see a new input field appear within the Post Editor where you can enter your custom video title.


Learn with our help video

Adding a custom thumbnail step-by-step

  1. Upload your video to your Facebook post
  2. Once uploaded, click on the empty video thumbnail.
  3. With the gallery view open, pause your video at the frame you'd like to use as your thumbnail
  4. Select the Use current frame as video thumbnail button.
  5. Your new thumbnail will be generated.


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