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How to complete Facebook's Page Publishing Authorization process

How to complete Facebook's Page Publishing Authorization process to avoid post failures from ContentCal for Facebook and Instagram content.

Following an update on Facebook's side, anyone who is managing several Facebook pages that have large audiences/followings as 'Admin' through a solo Facebook profile must have the 'Publishing Authorization Process' confirmed within Facebook.

This is an ID check that Facebook have made mandatory for those publishing to multiple pages.

Complete the following steps to confirm your identity

Please ensure that you have the following activated in your account:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Location services tracking on for the mobile app
  • A current location city is set on your profile

You can do this by accessing -ย 

- Settings

facebook ID authentication screenshot 1

- General Settings

Facebook ID authentication screenshot

- Identity confirmation

Facebook ID authentication screenshot 3

OR, for all new Facebook profiles -ย  Settings โ€” Account Settings โ€” Identity confirmation

Once you have completed these simple steps, Facebook will take between 48 hours to 45 days to verify your credentials.

Until these steps have been completed, you may notice that your page role will default to Moderator.

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